Meteorite Sterling Silver Prongset Studs

$ 45.00

These studs feature gorgeous raw gemstones prongset  in sterling silver.  They have sterling silver backings and come on a leather strip for safe keeping while not in use.  Each pair of studs is unique in shape and size so expect slight variation in each pair.

Meteorite are treasures from outer space.  This particulate kind of meteorite is made of roughly 90% iron and 10% nickel, the same materials found in the Earth's core. These stones come from comets, asteroids and other planets that have made it through Earth's atmosphere.  This meteorite comes from Argentina, from the Campo del Cielo crash site.  Iron nickel based meteorites resonate with the Third Eye, Crown and Root Chakras, assisting in spiritual growth and Inner vision, connecting us with the Cosmic Oneness. The electrical energy of iron nickel based meteorites stimulates the kundalini, and sends energy from the Crown through the Root.  This gives it a very grounding effect, while stabilizing and balancing the emotions.  Iron meteorites are good for healing blood disorders of any kind and help with reducing stress.  They're a very high vibrational stone and facilitate spiritual awakening and communication with other worlds and spirit realms. They're an excellent stone for meditation.  Iron nickel meteorite help to overcome addictions or bad habits and help with easing through times of transformatio

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