Mexican Fire Opal 14k Gold Infinity Necklace

$ 620.00

The Mexican Fire Opal 14k Gold Infinity Necklace features gorgeous faceted round beads lovingly wrapped in 26 guage gold wire.  The stones gradiate in color from orange to peach to clear.  Some have rainbow fire flashes and others have creamy inclusions.  The necklace is 16 inches long but extends up to 17 inches.  The total weight of the Mexican Fire Opal 14k Gold Infinity Necklace is 5.89 grams.  This heirloom quality piece is a one of a kind.

Fire Opal is a Solar Plexus Chakra stone and enhances personal power and self confidence.  It's not only a power stone, but also a stone of positivity and good luck.  It actively "lights our inner fire" to face our fears head on and become the best versions of ourselves.  Fire Opal is an excellent stone for success in business and draws money to the wearer.  Fire Opal magnifies our feelings and helps us to let go of our pasts by releasing deep, negative emotions once and for all.  Fire Opal releases anything blocking creativity. It's an excellent stone to assist with new beginnings.  It helps to overcome and heal from sexual and domestic abuse, and assists the wearer to leave abusive relationships.

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