Neptune Studs

$ 63.00

Neptune is the 8th planet in our solar system.  It's named after the Roman God of the Sea due to it's blue green coloration. Neptune is so far from Earth that it's not visible without a telescope and was the first and only planet found by mathematical prediction rather than by observation.  It was first seen by telescope in 1846.  It has 13 moons, the largest of which is aptly named Triton.

The Neptune Studs feature a 5mm green serpentine round cabachon set in a copper bezel.  The stones are set on 9mm round rosegoldfill discs with goldgill posts and earnuts.  A silver titanium coated amethyst crystal is suspended below the stud.

Green Serpentine resonates with the heart chakra and is an all around stone of love, most especially self love.  It helps balance emotions and helps us to trust our own judgement in situations where we are challenged with conflicting information.  It brings balance to the chakras by stimulating the kundalini energies to restore balance.  The crystals are amethyst points, and, although they have been treated with a titanium coating, they still hold the powers of amethyst. They resonate with the third eye and crown chakras.  Amethyst heightens intuition, spirituality and communication with the ethereal zone.  It's a stone of sobriety and helps bring harmony in relationships.  It protects against psychic attacks and is great to use while meditating.  It also helps promote lucid dreaming and better sleep when placed under your pillow.



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