Ocean Jasper and Antique Brass Necklace

$ 35.00

A gorgeous Ocean Jasper pendant hangs from 16 inches of antique brass chain.  The stone is wire wrapped with thick brass into a pendant.  It has an antique brass lobster clasp closure.

Ocean Jasper is a Solar Plexus, Throat and Heart Chakra stone that has a strong, relaxing, soothing and restorative energy.  It helps balance emotions and helps to one to get centered.  Ocean Jasper is extremely nurturing and brings a sense if security and peace.  It’s positive energy helps uplift spirits and invites in happiness.  Ocean Jasper promotes self love and self nurturing.  It helps one to better understand themselves and their personal strengths and powers.  Ocean Jasper helps lessen depression, negativity and toxic emotions.  It helps one to speak their truth in a more loving and empathetic way.  Ocean Jasper helps one move on from past traumas by providing a new perspective.  It lessens anxiety and stress and helps one to flow better with life’s ups and downs.  Ocean Jasper teaches to accept what can’t be changed in life.

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