October Birth Flowers and Birth Stones

$ 10.00

"October Birth Flowers and Birthstones"

Birth Flowers:
Marigolds and Cosmos
Pink Tourmaline and Opal

I created this photo collage to celebrate October's birth flowers and stones. Each print is 5 x 5 inches and printed on thick white paper. It comes in a protective plastic sleeve and is mailed in a thick cardboard mailer.

Pink Tourmaline is a Heart and Crown Chakra Stone which encourages empathy and compassion. It unites the heart with the spiritual. It releases stress, depression and anxiety. It has a calming and joyful energy.

Opal is a stone of Inspiration, it ignites our inner fire and stimulates creativity. A Heart and Crown Chakra stone, opal inspires hope and love and well as heightens the Intuition. Opal assists in times of transformation and helps handle change.

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