Pink Danburite Gem Cage Sterling Silver Pink Moonstone Necklace

$ 88.00

This necklace features a gorgeous and uniquely flat Pink Danburite Crystal.  They’re known for their paddle like crystal “points” and this one is accentuated by a triangular shaped prong.  The back side is decorative with a sterling silver backing.  It’s meant to be worn with the stone facing forward but can be worn either way.  The pendant is 58mm long, 22mm wide and 11mm thick. The  chain is sterling silver and is 26 inches long.  I hand wrapped multiple microfaceted 2mm Peach Moonstone beads along the chain.  The pendant moves across all the beads and slides along the freely. There is no clasp.

Danburite is a very high vibrational, spiritual stone. It’s both a Heart and Crown Chakra stone, linking the two chakras together to assist in enlightenment.  It gently opens the crown chakra and activates the higher chakras up through the 14th Chakra.  Danburite helps one to love and accept themselves and others.  It vibrates with a pure, calm and soft energy.  Danburite assists to connect with your spirit guides, angels and higher self. It brings a sense of peace and tranquility. It helps to bring emotional healing and release past life trauma patterning that your soul has brought into this life.  Danburite also helps with astral travel and lucid dreaming. It’s comforting energy also helps with times of extreme change.  Danburite is a good stone to help with transitioning from this life to the next. Danburite helps to release fear, stress, anxiety, grief, anger and resentment.  It’s a good detox stone, and helps to cleanse the liver and helps with allergies.

Peach Moonstone is a wonderful stone for self healing and self love.  It's a heart chakra stone and gently opens one up to compassion, empathy and forgiveness during times of heartbreak.  It's the perfect stone for new beginnings of all kinds and it evokes strength and personal growth.  It's moon and watery origins give it the ability to stabilize and calm the emotions.  It's helpful with the female reproductive system, PMS, healthy pregnancy and childbirth.   Peach Moonstone also assists with digestion problems.  It helps with stress, constant worry and anxiety.  Peach Moonstone lifts one's vibrations and reminds one of their self value.  It increases intuition and opens one up to their femine side.  It's an excellent stone for men to help open up to their emotions.

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