Pink Lady Jasper Ring

$ 68.00

This ring features a gorgeous Pink Lady Jasper, which has some very beautiful and subtle stripes of color running through it.  It is a dusty rose hue and the stone in setting is 25mm high by 17mm wide and 4mm thick.  It's set in a scalloped bezel with a 4mm thick sterling silver band.  This one of a kind ring is a size 6.75.

Jasper is a very powerful stone of protection and wards off off negativity in both the physical and spiritual realm.  Pink Jasper is both a root and heart chakra stone.  J asper is very nurturing, it heals the spirit and balances the emotions.  It keeps away negative thoughts and helps one to calm their energy and brings a sense of inner peace.  It’s a stone of courage and wisdom. Jasper boosts physical energy levels.  It helps one to end negative, obsessive, circular thought patterns by improving control over one’s own mind.

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