Purple Spinel 14k Gold Necklace

$ 225.00

The Purple Spinel 14k Gold Necklace is the first goldsmithed piece I made.  It features a beautiful handcut purple facet from on old gemstone estate.  The pendant in setting is 12mm tall x 5mm wide x 4mm thick and suspends from 17 inches of 14k gold curb chain.  The Purple Spinel 14k Gold Necklace weighs 0.71 total grams.

Purple Spinel, like all Spinel, works with all the Chakras.  It opens and rejuvinates them all as well as the body’s meridian system, allowing for better energy flow.  Purple Spinel also renews energy levels and combats exhaustion.  It’s a stone of victory, and helps one to overcome difficult situations and challenges. Purple Spinel enhances all of your best personality traits and natural talents.  It brings hope, manifestation and joy.  Because of it's color Purple, it is particularly helpful for the Crown Chakra and helps open intuiton and psychic abilities.  Purple Spinel is a very calming stone that helps relieve anxiety, stress, PTSD and depression.  It helps to end negative thought patterns.  It's a stone of hope and assists one in manifesting their true desires.  It reminds us that life is precious and should be enjoyed.  Purple Spinel helps inspire new ways of thinking and original ideas.  It's a very protective stone, especially for psychic attacks as it returns the energy back to its sender.

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