Rainbow Moonstone Marquise Solitare Rosegold Ring

$ 73.00

The Rainbow Moonstone Marquise Solitare Rosegold Ring features a gorgeous natural stone. It's cut into an 8mm high and 4mm wide faceted marquise shape. The band is 16 gauge rosegoldfill hammered to a "faceted" finish. The stone is prong set with a single cushion below, providing a safe and lasting nesting place for the stone.

Rainbow Moonstone is aptly named as it is linked with the moon and her cycles and therefore is an incredibly helpful stone for women. It helps to bring balance to the emotions and is extremely helpful with hormonal and menstrual cycles. Rainbow Moonstone helps to increase the chance of conception and helps maintain a healthy pregnancy and delivery. It intensifies the inner feminine Goddess energy and helps women to embrace their feminine power. A Crown Chakra stone, Rainbow Moonstone heightens intuition and helps lessen mind chatter during meditation. It connects to divine inspiration, helping to tap into creative energies. Rainbow Moonstone helps to make accurate judgments more quickly and increases memory. It helps to increase moments of synchronicity and to keep one in their proper flow. Rainbow Moonstone helps us to remember our true self and get back to who we really are. Rainbow Moonstone has a soothing and calming energy and helps to decrease stress.

The Rainbow Moonstone Marquise Solitare Rosegold Ring is perfect for an alternative engagement ring, promise ring or just because you're worth it ring. Each ring is custom made to order in any size and there are only 5 of these gorgeous moonstones. Please message me the size upon ordering.

Model: Mollie Kennedy

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