Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Copper Cage Necklace

$ 48.00

The Raw Black Tourmaline Crystal Copper Cage Necklace features a natural crystal wrapped in a unique copper setting. The crystal featured here is 7/8th an inch long and the pendant is 1 1/8th inch in total length. The Black Tourmaline pendant suspends from 16 inches of copper chain.

Black Tourmaline is both an Earth Star and Root Chakra stone and is an incredibly powerful stone of protection. It wards off negative energy, psychic attacks, emotional vampires, curses, ghosts and ill wishes. A great stone for empaths, it helps protect you from other peoples' energies and emotions so the empath doesn't take them on as their own. It also repels against electromagnetic energies from electronics and computers as well as radiation and pollution. A very grounding stone, it eases anxiety and stress as well as alleviates panic attacks. Do not keep black tourmaline near the bed as the negative energy it stores from each day will absorb back into you, causing bad dreams. You can leave it in a windowsill or under the moonlight to let the negative energy flow out each night.

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