Raw Demantoid Garnet Crystal Studs

$ 60.00

The Raw Demantoid Garnet Crystal Studs feature all natural, brilliant bright green garnet gemstones. The garnets are naturally faceted and a gorgeous shade of bright green.  I was able to source enough to create 6 pairs of these natural raw gemstone studs.  Each demantoid garnet pair is 4 - 5 mm in diameter and each pair is unique due to the natural raw beauty of each individual stone.  They come with sterling silver earnuts.   

The name "Demantoid" comes from Greek Origins, and roughly translates to "Similar to Diamond".  It is THE MOST rare and valuable of all the Garnets, which come in every color of the rainbow except for blue (yet...)  It is known for its highly lustrous surface, in fact, it's more lustrous than sapphire and ruby.  It has the highest dispersion of all the gemstones besides diamond  Dispersion refers to the "fire" or interenal light glowing from a stone. 

Garnet, in general, is a stone of personal power and self esteem.  It's a very grounding Root Chakra stone, which is said to stimulate survival instincts, courage and willpower. Garnet's inner fire is also said to bring light, alleviating depression and displacing it with joy. Garnets help control anger, especially toward oneself. A stone of passion, sexuality and sensuality, Garnet activates the kundalini energies in a controlled manner. A stone of commitment, it inspires love and loyalty. Garnets are said to bring success in business.

In addition to the general healing properties of Garnet, Demantoid Garnet in particular is wonderful for working with the Heart Chakra due to its rich green color. It works to help remove any obstacles that come in the way of love. Demantoid Garnet is a great stone for married couples or couples who are seriously committed.  It is used to strengthen existing bonds and committment.

Model: Jane Almirall

Location: Oracle Fine Curiosities

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