Red Agate Sterling Silver Poki Cut Om Ring

$ 90.00

This one of a kind ring features a gorgeous poki cut stone and is a size 7.  The Red Agate is 6.5 carats, 19mm long by 16mm wide in the sterling silver bezel setting.  The band is 4mm wide and splits towards the stone, framing it on both sides. An, “Om”, sign is stamped on the bottom of the setting and is visible underneath. 

Red Agate is a Root Chakra stone that is extremely protective, especially for highly sensitive people.  It wards off evil and negativity and is really potent for those who are easily drained by negative energy and people in an environment.  Red Agate helps one to know who is friend and who is foe.  It’s helpful for those who need an extra boost of energy, courage and confidence.  Red Agate is a motivational stone.  It helps one to accomplish goals, it strengthens the will and it gives a boost of energy and vitality.  Red Agate helps to relieve stress, tension and anxiety.  It broadens horizons, increases positive thinking and helps create a new positive future.  Red Agate helps to connect to one’s feelings and to be honest with oneself.  It brings good luck and positive energy.  Red Agate helps to separate from past trauma so one can move forward.  It helps to overcome weaknesses.  Red Agate enhances love, improves romantic relationships, and helps to find a good match romantically. It helps to open a closed heart by re-lighting passion and fire.  

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