Rhodochrosite with Pyrite Sterling Silver Ring

$ 70.00

The Rhodochrosite with Pyrite Sterling Silver Ring features a beautiful tear shaped cabochon.  It’s set in a scalloped bezel on a thick 4mm wide split sterling silver band.  The stone in setting is 24mm long by 21mm wide and 5mm thick. This one of a kind ring is a size 6.

Rhodochrosite is a heart chakra stone, and is one that is good both physically and emotionally for the heart.  It helps to stabilize and regulate the heart beat.  It calms and rebalances the nervous system, creating a feeling of inner peace.  It also helps to open and uplift the heart emotionally, helping to heal emotional stress.  It’s a wonderful stone to help heal from heartbreak.   Rhodochrosite helps to lift depression and assists in self love and compassion.  It helps one to have a more positive outlook and brings out one’s playful inner child.  It connects the heart chakra to the crown chakra, allowing cosmic insights that help one to have compassion for all sides.  Rhodochrosite also works with the Sacral Chakra, enhancing creativity.  It is stone of unconditional love. It helps combat jealousy, anger and feelings of self loathing. 

Pyrite is a stone of positive thinking and manifestation. It encourages us to overcome feelings of inadequacy and it also boosts our energy levels. Pyrite strengthens our willpower, and assists us to overcome bad habits. It's energy brings good luck to business. A stone of personal power, it resonates with the solar plexus chakra.

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