Ruby in Matrix Peekaboo Necklace

$ 135.00

The Ruby in Matrix Peekaboo Necklace features a gorgeous stone made up of ruby crystals in matrix.  They look like ruby polka dots on a dark grey stone background.  The stone in sterling silver setting is 38mm wide by 23mm tall and 5mm thick.  The back side is hand stamped and carved into a decorative peekaboo frame opening showcasing the stone on the back side.  This one of a kind pendant suspends on 18 inches of decorative sterling silver chain with lobster clasp and closure.

Ruby is known as the Stone of Nobility as it promotes power and leadership as we ll as aids in obtaining wealth.  Ruby is said to help stabalize finances.  A Root Chakra stone, Ruby inspires courage and confidence as well as self esteem.  It ignites passion  and enthusiasm.  Ruby promotes prosperity and joy.  It also inspires romance and is said to promote integrity and devotion to ones partner.  Ruby elleviates guilt and feelings of sadness.  Ruby helps increase intuition, promotes lucid dreaming and protects from nightmares. 

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