Rutilated Quartz Poki Cut Sterling Silver Om Ring

$ 85.00

This one of a kind faceted poki cut Rutilated Quartz ring is a size 7.5.  The stone is 4.5 carats, 15mm long by 12mm wide with the sterling silver bezel setting.  It has a thick, 16 gauge smooth sterling silver band.  An, “Om” sign is stamped underneath the stone inside the setting.  It peeps through the facets under the rutile shards.  

Rutilated Quartz is a solar plexus and crown chakra stone.  It aids in manifesting your dreams and amplifying your thoughts.  Rutilated Quartz balances yin and yang energy.  It uplifts the mood and provides a boost of energy.  It helps heal emotional wounds and acts as an antidepressant.  It promotes clarity and helps to increase spirituality.  It increases intuition and psychic abilities.  It inspires creativity and boost the imagination.


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