Purple Scapolite Raw Double Terminated Crystal Cage Necklace

$ 90.00

A gorgeous and rare double-terminated blue Scapolite crystal is uniquely wrapped in a sterling silver gem cage. I’ve never made one quite like this, the stone guided me to create this setting.  It’s truly a one of a kind. The crystal in setting is 23mm long by 8mm wide and 9mm thick.  It suspends on 18 inches of decorative sterling silver ball chain with lobster clasp and closure.

Scapolite is a Third Eye and Crown Chakra stone of transformation.  It promotes change, self growth and helps one reach their goals.  Scapolite increases self esteem and helps overcome self sabotage by assisting one to recognize self limiting beliefs and patterns.  It releases blocked energy and trapped emotions from the body that prevent emotional and spiritual evolution.  Scaploite helps to identify the sources of past trauma and to clear out old wounds so one can move forward.  It’s a great stone to assist in clearing out karmic and hereditary patterns.  Scapolite helps one take responsibility for their life choices and actions.  It opens the third eye, increases intuition and assists one to access the astral plane.  It helps facilitate better communication with guides and assists in mediumship abilities.  Scapolite assists one to understand and balance their emotional energy and helps one to see and avoid tactics of manipulation and emotional power use.  It’s a protective stone that’s helpful for counselors, therapists and other healers during sessions to maintain balance and calmness.  Scapolite is a great stone for PMS and for post natal depression.  It’s an extremely calming stone and is helpful during times of stress.

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