Smoky Quartz Stainless Steel Choker

$ 50.00

The Smoky Quartz Stainless Steel Choker features a 4mm rose cut Smoky Quartz cabochon set in a sterling silver bezel. The stone is set in a nouveau diamond shaped sterling silver backing that compliments the shape and size of the thick stainless steel chain. The many tiny facets of the smoky quartz gleam in the light making this tiny focal piece sparkle and pop. Although thick and sturdy, the stainless steel chain is also very smooth and feels soft against the skin.

The necklace shown is a size Medium and is 14.5 inches long including clasp and closure. The necklace also comes in Small, 13.5 inches long and Large, 15.5 inches long. The clasp can attaches to the stainless steel chain, making the choker adjustable. To figure our your neck size for the ideal fit, you can measure it using a piece of string. Simply wrap it around your neck and then measure the length with a ruler.

A Root Chakra stone, Smoky Quartz is very grounding and has a calming energy. It heightens intuition and is a wonderful stone for meditation. It increases survival instincts and self confidence. It helps to lighten moods, overcome negative emotions and combat depression. Smoky quartz not only relieves negative emotions like anger, jealousy and fear, but also and transforms them into positive energies. Smoky Quartz is a very protective stone. It wards off both psychic and physical attack. It increases prosperity and good luck as well as boost creative energy.

Model: Ashley Oliver

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