Solar Quartz Prong Set Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 88.00

The Solar Quartz  Prongset Sterling Silver Necklace features a 15 carat poki cut gemstone.  It’s set in a thick sterling silver setting, so you can see the stone from both sides.  It suspends from 18 inches of thick sunburst nouveau sterling silver chain. This is a one of a kind.

Solar Quartz is an agatized quartz cross section that is sliced from a stalactite to display milky white shades, clear hues and mossy inclusions of greens and greys. It has all the properties of Clear Quartz, meaning it’s is an energy amplifier and all around master healing stone.  It works best with the Crown Chakra but works well with all the other Chakras as well.  Because this piece has moss green hues, it’s particularly potent for the Heart Chakra.  Solar Quartz will connect you to your spirit.  It’s said to create a link between the mind and body.  Solar quartz is also said to be very protective.  It cleanses and purifies the spirit, mental state and body. 

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