Talisman of Transition Gemstone Necklace

$ 80.00

The Talisman of Transition Gemstone Necklace features a Labradorite sterling silver gem cage with amethyst, rainbow moonstone, pink kunzite and rose quartz.  The Y shaped Talisman suspends from 15 inches of antique silver long bar chain.  The multi gemstone pendant is 2 3/4 inches long and can be worn with either side showing.  The rose quartz finihes off the 2 inch antique silver extender chain, allowing the talisman to extend up to 17 total inches in length.

The Talisman of Transition Gemstone Necklace is made up of crystals I have personally selected for their healing and metaphysical properties.  The main focal piece is Labradorite leading up to Amethyst, Rainbow Moonstone and Kunzite with Rose Quartz at the end of the 2 inch extender chain.  

Labradorite assists us through all transitions, but is particularly helpful with transitions that are positive for us. Labradorite helps serendipitous situations, coincidences and synchronicity to flow in to your life.

Amethyst assists with ending bad habits, in particular, alcoholism.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It helps one maintain calm during times of transformation. It stabilizes the emotions and provides a calming, soothing energy. 

Kunzite  can help induce change and assist in moments of rebirth and transition. 

Rose Quartz assists us in accepting that change is necessary and to help us love ourselves while going through transitions.

Model: Jane Almirall

Location: Oracle Fine Curiosities

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