The Green Aventurine Copper Globe Necklace

$ 58.00

The Green Aventurine Copper Globe Necklace was inspired by the stone itself. I acquired 7 of these tiny Green Aventurine globes and wanted to showcase their tiny round shape. The copper setting is reminiscent of a vintage Indian claw bell.

The Green Aventurine Globe itself is 10mm in diameter and is securely mounted in the copper claw setting. The pendant is 11mm wide and 20mm long. It suspends from 16 inches of rosegoldfill chain with a rosegoldfill lobster claw closure.

Green Aventurine encourages regeneration of the heart, opening us up to love again. It's a stone of prosperity and creativity. Green Aventurine generates feelings of well-being and promotes compassion and empathy. Green Aventurine also calms anger and irritation. It stabilizes the state of mind, helping to see all possibilities and make educated decisions. Green Aventurine balances male-female energy.

Model: Ashley Oliver

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