The Megaladon Shark Tooth Fossil and Garnet Necklace

$ 97.00

The Megaladon Shark Tooth Fossil and Garnet Necklace features a genuine fossilized tooth.  Megaladon, which means “big tooth” lived 23 to 2.6 million years ago in shallow ocean waters.  The largest Megaladons ever recorded were 18 meters in length.  The largest Megaladon shark tooth ever found was 7 3/8 inches long.  The largest Great White shark tooth ever found was 3 inches long.  This specimen is from a baby, and I bought it in 2014 while living in Santa Fe.  The tooth is prong set in a thick brass setting and suspends from 22 Garnet faceted rondelles wrapped into raw brass chain.  The chain is diamond etched and glimmers in the light.  It’s 18.25 inches long with a 3 inch extender chain, finished with a garnet on the end.  The pendant is 36mm long by 33mm wide and 11mm thick.  This is a one of a kind piece.

Fossils are Root Chakra stones, making them very grounding, calming and soothing. Fossils help to reduce anxiety and stress and help to balance the emotions and combat depression. Fossils assist in accessing past life information.  They bring success in business and self confidence in general.

Garnet is a stone of personal power and self esteem. It's a very grounding Root Chakra stone. This deep dark red stone holds a flash and fire, which is said to stimulate survival instincts, courage and willpower. Garnet's inner fire is also said to bring light, alleviating depression and bringing joy. Garnets help control anger, especially toward oneself. A stone of passion, sexuality and sensuality, Garnet activates the kundalini energies in a controlled manner. A stone of commitment, it inspires love and loyalty. Garnets are said to bring success in business.

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