The Moon, The Stars and The Sun Necklace

$ 240.00

The Moon, The Stars and The Sun Necklace features a gorgeous polished Solar Quartz surrounded by Grey Moonstone, Sunstone and Rainbow Moonstone.  It was inspired by the John Lennon song, Instant Karma (We All Shine On).  The back side has the song’s chorus stamped into it: “WE ALL SHINE ON LIKE THE MOON, THE STARS & THE SUN” -JOHN LENNON.  It’s one of my all time favorite songs and when I saw the Solar Quartz I felt inspired to create with it.  The Solar Quartz is 31mm in diameter and is prong set to a 40mm sterling silver disc.  It’s surrounded by a halo of 6mm Grey Moonstone, 5mm Sunstone, 4mm Rainbow Moonstone and 2mm sterling silver balls.  The pendant suspends from 18 inches of fancy sterling silver chain with lobster clasp and 2.5 inch long extender chain.  An Oregon Sunstone faceted briollette hangs from the end.  This is a one of a kind necklace. 

Solar Quartz is an agatized quartz cross section that is sliced from a stalactite to display milky white shades, clear hues and mossy inclusions of greens and greys. It has all the properties of Clear Quartz, meaning it’s is an energy amplifier and all around master healing stone.  It works best with the Crown Chakra but works well with all the other Chakras as well.  Because this piece has moss green hues, it’s particularly potent for the Heart Chakra.  Solar Quartz will connect you to your spirit.  It’s said to create a link between the mind and body.  Solar quartz is also said to be very protective.  It cleanses and purifies the spirit, mental state and body. 

Grey Moonstone is referred to as the "New Moon Stone" as it mimics the powers of the new moon, which represent new beginnings and potential.  It's a tremendously powerful stone for inner growth, self awareness and strength.  Grey Moonstone is a very personal stone. Meditating with grey moonstone allows one to better understand themselves.  It allows us to distinguish what "is" from any other false realities or hopes.  A Third Eye chakra stone, Grey Moonstone enhances intuition and is a great tool for shamans and mediums to use to look into the future.  Moonstone is considered a good luck stone.  It promotes inspiration and brings good fortune in love and business.  Moonstone in general is a wonderful stone for women as it helps to balance the emotions and protects those with sensitive natures.  It helps women to become in tune with the rhythms of the moon.

Sunstone is associated with the Sacral Chakra and is known as the Stone of Leadership. It increases confidence and personal power and helps bring mental clarity. It helps stabilize the emotions and inspires passion and romance. It's also known as a Stone of Freedom and encourages independence, originality and individuality. Sunstone is linked to the sun and embodies its warmth and light, bestowing joy and good luck to the wearer.

Rainbow Moonstone is a stone of new beginnings. It helps one maintain calm during times of transformation. It stabilizes the emotions and provides a calming, soothing energy. A crown chakra stone, it heightens intuition and psychic abilities. Strongly connected to the moon, it's a very powerful stone for women in particular.


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