Tiger's Eye Stainless Steel Long Necklace

$ 38.00

The Tiger's Eye Stainless Steel Long Necklace features a natural gemstone.  The Tiger's Eye is faceted in the most unqieu way, it has no front or back, it's gorgous from all sides.  It suspends on 28 inches of dainty yet strong stainless steel chain.  The gemstone pendant featured is 18 mm long by 12mm wide by 5mm thick, however each gemstone is hand carved so expect very slight variation in size as each stone is unique.  It layers really well with any of the 16 inch Simple Stone Necklaces on my website.

Tigers Eye is a stone of courage and protection, helping us overcome our fears.  Tiger's eye assists us with mind focus, thereby helping resolve problems efficiently and without emotion.  It helps lessen anxiety and releases tension.  Tiger's Eye balances the yin-yang, helping to stabilize mood swings. Tiger's Eye is known to bring good luck. 

Model: Jenna Nicole Hammond

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