Tiny Crescent Moon Conflict Free Diamond Ring

$ 69.00

The Tiny Crescent Moon Conflict Free Diamond Ring features a tiny brilliant cut diamond set in a hand stamped copper moon. The diamond moon is set on a 14 guage faceted hammered rosegoldfill band.

Diamonds, more than any other stone, mirror human energy. That's why it's so important to me to exclusively offer conflict free diamonds. Diamond will amplify thoughts and feelings, and increase the positive energy of the wearer, which in turn attracts positive opportunities and positive people. They are a stone of courage, and a master healer of the mind and body. Diamonds counteract jealousy and symbolize wisdom and enlightenment. They create a sense of positive self value and are great stones for anyone going through an identity crisis. Like clear quartz, diamonds amplify the properties of other stones. Known to be the hardest of all stones, diamonds are the traditional stone for engagement rings.

The Tiny Crescent Moon Conflict Free Diamond Ring is perfect as an engagement, promise, or just because you deserve it ring. Each ring is made to order, so please message me your size upon placing your order.

Model: Mollie Kennedy

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