Trilobite Fossil Ring

$ 72.00

These trilobite fossils were mined in Delta, UT. They are some of the earliest trilobite specimens known. They're from the Middle Cambrian Period and are over 500 million years old. The tiny ones I have are babies and the specimen is officially known as Elraphia Kingi.

They were aquatic creatures and thrived in the Earth's early oceans for over 270 million years. They ate a diet mostly of plankton. Some lived on the ocean floor and some swam at higher sea levels. There are over 17,000 specimens of trilobites known today. Trilobites are said to have originated in modern day Siberia but fossils have been found all over the world. Trilobite means "three lobes", which is in reference to their exoskeletons. They would out grow their exoskeletons, shed them, and grow new exoskeletons. Trilobite fossils have wonderful detail due to these external skeletons protecting them for millions of years. They are the first known species to possess vision, and many specimens have been found with complex eyes capable of 360 degree vision.

Metaphysically, trilobites are useful in periods of rebirth, as they literally grew a new outer shell when it was time to evolve. They are said to be helpful for people in a position of leadership, allowing the person to rule with patience and fairness. They are great for ailments of the eyes and are good for relieving headaches. They are said to bring success in business. They're also helpful in accessing past lives. They also act as muses for artists and writers, opening the channels of creative insight and provide discipline necessary to achieve creative success and complete creative projects. Trilobites resonate with the Crown, Third Eye and Root Chakras.

The trilobite pictured is 10mm wide, 14mm long and 1mm thick and the others are roughly the same size. I make each trilobite ring to order. Please message me your size.

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