Yellow Sapphire and Pakimer 14k Gold Drop Earrings

$ 425.00

The Yellow Sapphire and Pakimer 14k Gold Drop Earrings are a one of a kind pair.  I created them with 2mm - 3mm natural double terminated Quartz beads from Pakistan.  Each one is completely unique but similar in shapeand size.  They're hand wrapped lovingly with 14k 26 guage gold wire.  I created the hooks from wire as well.  The Yellow Sapphire faceted drops are very high quality, with almost no flaws.  They were an honor to create with. These handcrafted beauties are 4 inches long and weigh 2.313 grams total.

Sapphire is a stone of prosperity, attracts joy, wealth and luck. It is useful in combatting depression and provides positive energy and hope. It's also known as a stone of wisdom, promoting a balance of power and strength mixed with wisdom and fairness. Yellow Sapphire resonates with the Solar Plexus chakra and promotes self confidence and increases personal power. It assists in spiritual growth and helps one to speak their truth.  A stone of purity and love, blue sapphire promotes faithfulness in relationships.

Quartz is known as the "Master Healer",  it absorbs negative energy, as well as cleanses, releases and stores energy.  Clear Quartz amplifies energies and thought, and increases the energies of other stones.  A Crown Chakra Stone, it heightens the intuition.  Clear Quartz brings balance and harmony to all the Chakras.


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