Goddess Rising Organic Essential Oil Perfume

$ 20.00

Goddess Rising is the first intuitive blend I’ve felt called to create.  It’s a blend for female empowerment and healing which is why I chose Artemis for the label.  She is the Goddess of the moon, wild animals, vegetation, hunting and the protector of young women. 

Goddess Rising is uplifting yet grounding, protective but playful.  It’s made with 3ml of all natural essential oils, flower essences and gemstone in an organic jojoba carrier.  I have personally Reiki infused each one.  It comes in a glass vial with roller ball and black lid.  I’ve been wearing the blend constantly since I made it and it is so helpful right now! 

🌹Essential Oils:

Frankincense - Reduces stress and negative emotions, boosts immune system, balances emotions, protects from negative energy, psychic attack and spirits

Ginger - Relieves anxiety, strengthens heart health

Rose - Boosts confidence, fights depression, eases menstration, relieves anxiety,  purified the uterus, aphrodisiac 

Primarosa - Relaxes nerves, fights depression, calms anger

Rose Geranium - Uplifts the spirit, reduces stress, reduces depression, balances hormones


Carnelian - The ulitmate stone of creativity, inspiring action, ambition and drive.   It's a Sacral Chakra stone and promotes leadership and courage. It strengthens self esteem as well as boost energy and motivation.  Helps balance the emotions.




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