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Happy Full Hunter's Blue Moon in Taurus, October 31st, 2020 October 29, 2020 18:57

Happy Full Moon!
The full moon will peak at 7:51am PST, October 31st, in the eart sign, Taurus.    October began and ends with a full moon, a rare event!   Most years have 12 full moons, however, some years have 13 full moons, and 2020 is one of those years!  This means one month must have 2 full moons.  The second full moon in the same month is referred to as a "Blue Moon".    The first was the Harvest Moon, which occured on October 1st, and the last is the Hunter's Moon, which also happens to be Halloween, another rare occasion!  
Here's a Full Moon Halloween Ritual provided by to get your month started off right!
 According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, "When you look at the full Moon on Halloween night, it won’t appear blue in color but you’ll be looking at something pretty uncommon. A full Moon on Halloween occurs roughly once every 19 years—a pattern known as the Metonic Cycle. 

This well-known lunar cycle was discovered in 432 BC by the Greek, Meton, of Athens. He determined that after 19 years have elapsed, the phase of the Moon will repeat on the same date. Well , not always. Because of slight variations in the Moon’s orbital period, and the number of leap days that intervene over a 19-year time span, the Metonic Cycle can be accurate only to within a day.  

For a Halloween full Moon, the Metonic Cycle worked well early in the 20th Century—in the years 1925 and 1944.  But thereafter, using the cycle, the date of full Moon shifted a day to November 1st (in 1963, 1982, and 2001). But then, in 2020, it returned to October 31st. Making it a rarer sight, indeed.

But for 2020 on through the balance of the 21st century, a full Moon on Halloween will occur once every 19 years."

Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:
Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate consists of Blue Agate with Magnetite inclusions which produce the dots and stripes within the stone.  It comes from the Priday Agate Mine in Ashwood, Oregon, where we mined this and several other pieces a few months ago.

Blue Agate is a Throat Chakra stone, which assists in constructive communication, helping one to listen as well as speak their thoughts clearly and eloquently. It also connects with the Heart Chakra, opening one to empathy and seeing the other persons’s perspective. It is an excellent stone for both platonic and romantic relationships. It helps create deep connectivity and helps to builds trust. Blue Agate is calming, it relieves stress and helps one to relax. It lessens negativity and helps one to let go of past traumas that are holding one back in the present moment. Blue Agate helps one connect deeply within themselves to discover their true desires so they may find their true calling. It connects with higher realms, opening channels with spirit guides and the higher self to help with proper decision making. Blue Agate brings positivity and helps boost energy levels. It increases concentration, making it a good stone for studying.

Magnetite is all about polarity, it attracts and repels your intentions, making it a great stone for manifestation.  It's very grounding and works to balance the Root Chakra.  It helps to keep people from slipping into fear, anger and grief.  Magnetite increases energy levels and is a very positive stone. Magnetite aligns the chakras while worn or carried and helps create emotional balance.  It helps to balance the mental and emotional bodies so they work together in harmony.  Magnetite helps one to develop a more intimate understanding of their own intuitive language and therefore helps one to trust their intuition.  It's perfect for meditation as it helps ground one while also connecting to the higher chakras.  Magnetite increases telapathy, psychic abilities and clairvoyance.  Magnetite is wonderful to attract what you want in your life, especially love and loyalty.   It forms in black to grey colored octohedron shapes, which glow as rainbows inside Fire Obsidian and dots inside Polka Dot Agate.  

Elk are a very common sight in the areas surrounding my home in Astoria. Oregon.  You see them grazing in the fields around the nearby highways.  Last week, we encoutered an entire herd in a local park.  We were just a few yards away in our van, and Scott was able to take some amazing photos.  I didn't realize we were heading into a Taurus full moon when I declared Elk as this month's full moon animal.

According to, www.native-american-totems, "Elk medicine teaches us that by pacing ourselves we increase our stamina. Elk people may not complete a project first, but when it is done they have not burned themselves out. Elk are able to look at the long journey and to “hit their stride” to maintain energy and perseverance.

Animal spirit Elk reminds us of the importance of community, most especially fellowship with our same gender. Herds of elk are normally female or male and only unite during mating season. We are reminded by Elk that there is always support if we need it.

Elk also tells us to be aware of subtle changes around us and to be ready for a quick response.

Elk medicine stands for stamina, strength, nobility, pride, and survival.

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New Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume Blends!

Halloween Full Moon Series

$16 Each

Earlier this month, I created Lost Forest for the October 1st full moon.  I created Blue Moon in honor of the 2nd full moon this Halloween on October 31st.  I threw in some high vibrational flower energy in between with Flowers of Life.


Lost Forest
Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume Blend


 Lost Forest Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume captures the essence of one of my favorite forests, near Hansen Creek, Washington.  This forest is full of old growth pine trees covered in oak moss and old man’s beard, huge ferns and other foliage with rich, deep soil, mushrooms and sounds of running creek water and Crystals!  Hansen Creek is a well known crystal hunting spot and the crystal in this perfume blend comes from this very place.  My goal was to create a scent that smells like digging in the rich soils of Hansen Creek surrounded by pines and fern.

The blend has a rich mossy pine scent with notes of spice and vanilla.  The Oak Moss gives this blend it’s perfect tint of green.  The crystals still have some of the soil imbedded in them.

The blend contains Oak Moss, Fir Needle, Patchouli, Rose, Vanilla, Jasmine and Sweet Orange essential oils in Jojoba Oil with a Hansen Creek Crystal.


Flowers of Life

Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume Blend


 Flowers of Life Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume contains some of the highest vibrational flower essential oils.  It has a bright, soft, serene bouquet as if from a fifth dimensional meadow.  It’s fresh and floral scent is reminiscent of tulip mixed with honeysuckle.

 It’s made with Rose, Ylang Ylang, Neroli, Lavender, Rosewood and Helichrysum In Jojoba Oil with Amethyst and Clear Quartz.  



Blue Moon

Essential Oil Gemstone Perfume Blend



Blue Moon is a scent created to honor the 2nd full moon of this October, an occasion that doesn’t happen every year.  This blue moon happens to fall on Halloween, something that only happens every 19 years.  This moon is in Taurus so I created a sultry, earthy, spicy and sweet blend in her honor.

Cardamom, Rose, Vanilla, Turmeric, Benzoin, Sage, Neroli, Oak Moss in Jojba Oil with Blue Lace Agate, Agate I mined from First Creek, Washington, and a clear quartz point.

Oregon Polka Dot Agate Mining!

Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate Cabochons

$20 - $70 

I've created a new product section, "Gemstones Specimens and Cabochons" for my finds.  I have an arsenal of stones that I've been mining and I will add things as I can.  Just click on the product section and you can see this new option in the drop down menu.  Please note that no discounts apply to gemstones, my prices are wholesale.


Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate Sterling Silver Ring, $222


Choose Your Own Green Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring!

Only $65!!

My Instagram / Facebook exclusive offer will expire on November 7th!  Claim yours while there’s still time.  I will be closing for custom orders while we prepare for #vanlife and our journey to Arizona for the annual Quartzsite and Tucson Gem Shows!

Nevada Green Turquoise Cabochons

All claimable except #3

Nevada Green Turquoise Facets

All Claimable

To Claim, message me on Instagram or Facebook with the number of stone.  I will respond with a PayPal link and request for your size and address.  If you don’t know your size, I’ll send a link to a website that can help you measure any finger.


Scott, my partner in life, love, rocks, and everything is still offering 50% off his website.  Go shopping!

Cosmic Aether Jewelry

I hope everyone enjoyed this full blue moon in Taurus!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Harvest Moon in Aries, October 1st, 2020 October 1, 2020 10:17 6 Comments

Happy Full Moon!
The full moon will peak at 2:06pm PST tonight, October 1st, in the fire sign, Aries.    October begins and ends with a full moon, a rare event!  The second full moon of a month is referred to as a "Blue Moon".   The first is the Harvest Moon and the last is the Hunter's Moon, which also happens to be Halloween!  This month is sure to be something amazing.  Here's a Full Moon Ritual provided by to get your month started off right!
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, "The Harvest Moon is said to be the full Moon which occurs nearest to the date of the autumnal equinox (September 22, 2020). This means that either September or October’s full Moon may take on the name “Harvest Moon” instead of its traditional name. Similarly, the Hunter’s Moon is the first full Moon to follow the Harvest Moon, meaning that it can occur in either October or November."
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Ammolite is the opalized outer shell of fossilized Ammonite, an extinct group of marine animals that lived 415 million years ago. Although they look like cousins of living Nautilus, they are in fact related to living octopuses, squid, and cuttlefish. While Ammonite are found all over the world, Ammolite is only found in the Rocky Mountains of North America.  Ammolite contains every color of the rainbow in it's layers.  It resonates with the Root Chakra, making it very grounding and protective.  It helps bring alignment to all chakras as it has all colors of the rainbow within its fosilized layers.  Ammolite provides comfort and a feeling of security and is helpful for combating depression.  It increases self worth and assists in personal awakening and evolution of consciousness.  Ammolite inspires one to appreciate life more as well as inspires personal growth and wisdom.  Ammolite helps to stimulate "Chi", the Universal life force, as the Golden Mean is found within its spiraled chambers.   It is good luck and attracts prosperity and success.  Ammolite is extremely useful for past life recall and is useful in meditation.

A few days ago, I had the amazing experience of holding a honey bee on my pointer finger tip - twice!  I encountered each bee sitting at a different location but both seemed to be a bit off their proper paths.  I found one in the middle of a road and the other in the middle of a sidewalk.  They each seemed a bit out of it and didn't try to move or fly away from me.  I simply stuck my fingertip out in front of them and very gently nudged each one until they crawled up for a ride.  I immediately felt empowered and blessed by their energy as I watched each one crawl around on my fingertip.  I was able to help these two little creatures to better locations, safer from predators and cars.  I realized then that this lunation's full moon animal had presented itself to me. 

I have always loved honey bees and used to play with them as a little girl.  I would welcome them to safety and encourage them to land on my hands and arms.  I would pet them and talk to them.  I used to try to sneak my bee friends inside the house using plastic bags with airholes so we could play longer.  My mother was not ammused!  To this day, my fascination and love for honey bees continues.  As an adult, they still let me pet them and I have never been stung.  If only I could remember my conversations with the bees as as young girl!

According to,, "When bee buzzes in as your Spirint Animal, it's a reminder to trust in miracles.  Bee as a Totem Animal is for those whose greatest wish is for all living things to co-exist in peace & love." 

"When Bee appears in your life, the most common message it carries has to do with your levels of productivity. Sometimes we are doing too much, and in others not enough. Bee Spirit has a strong work ethic, but it also knows the importance of stopping and smelling the flowers."

"Technically speaking, Bee should not be able to fly – it’s designed all wrong aerodynamically. From a spiritual perspective, this speaks of our limitations and how to move past them successfully. It’s doubtful that Bee knows it shouldn’t fly – it simply DOES, and so can you."

"Bee fits a very specific role in nature pollinating other plants; this is necessary to the on-going life cycle of many crops. It also delivers humans with wax and honey, giving Bee the additional symbolic value of providence." "The pollination process also symbolizes our social nature. Bees live and work as a community. As they go from flower to flower, that progression enriches the world. Bee people very often become motivational speakers, teachers, healers and lightworkers for the greater global village. Their language of love is mindful service. 

A Bee’s honeycomb represents the Heart Chakra and life’s sweetness. Bee has strong ties to the sun, light, and warmth." "Bee Spirit is also a strong protector, willing to give its life in defense of whatever mission prevails. Those guided by Bee find themselves defending the underdog as well as those they love with fierceness."

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Oregon Polka Dot Agate Mining!

The last week of August, Scott and I were invited by my friends, Christine and Dana of Submissive Stone, to go digging at the Polka Dot Agate Mine.  This was the first weekend the mine has ever been open to the public and we were so lucky to be there!  The original owners, Dennis and Dale, have sold the mineral rights to the new owner, John, and we got to be there to see the hand off.  All three were present and it was great to get to know them and everyone else who was there mining.  Some drove in from as far as Idaho and California for the special event!  We spent a few afternoons digging and hanging out with everyone until it was time to head home.  We brought back a lot of Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate, which is what we were hoping for!  Right before we were invited to dig at the mine, we saw the Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate for the very first time online and we were both obsessed!  We had just recently purchased a lot of Polka Dot Agate Cabochons, which are amazing, but they look nothing like the Blue Ice.  It's sooooo GEMMY and it almost contraluzes when it's cut, meaning the blue has an opal like internal glow.  It's the hardest stone I've cut so far and it took me over 10 hours to cut my first 7 stones.    

Polka Dot Agate Mine entrance.  The mine is located in the high desert near Ashwood, OR.

I love how they painted their trailer!

Here's a shot of the entire pit.  They use excavators to break the stone up into smaller boulders and pieces.  This was the largest pit I've ever had the pleasure of digging through.


In the pit mining!

I think this is Dennis driving the excavator.  He came down into the pit to tear off some fresh rock for everyone.


My friend, Christine, who made this dig possible for us!  She and her husband, Dana, have been mining, cutting rocks and making jewelry as Submisive Stone for several years.  They invited me along to my very first PNW dig several years ago and have absolutely inspired me to cut my own cabochons.  They're both as kind, sweet and knowledgeable as they are talented and they make amazing, unique work.  They had a trunk show during the event and all of their products and cut stones looked stunning! 

This is a photo of part of a raw Polka Dot Agate boulder.  It's known for it's brown magnesium spots and stripes and is found in shades of cream, white, brown, red, yellow and light blue.

Polka Dot Agate and Jade Copper and Sterling Silver Necklace $170

This is an example of one of the Polka Dot Agate Cabochons we purchased from an American vendor about a month before the invitation to dig.  We have several more available, many of which are big like this one, many are medium in size.  We have them available for sale at the gallery in Astoria and are happy to send photos if anyone wants to purchase cabochons.  We charge $20 per Polka Dot Agate Cabochon (please note our gemstone prices are wholesale and no discount applies)

Ice, Ice, Baby!!!! 

With some guidance from our friends, we found the Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate vein!  Even in its raw form it's gemmy.   This was a piece we picked up to sell as a speciman in our gallery, but it sold before it ever hit the shelf.  We showed it to a friend who fell absolutely in love with it, obsessed immediatly.  We offered him a great deal for it and he proudly brought his new friend home.

Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate Cabochons

$20 - $70 

I've created a new product section, "Gemstones Specimens and Cabochons" for my finds.  I have an arsenal of stones that I've been mining and I will add things as I can.  Just click on the product section and you can see this new option in the drop down menu.  Please note that no discounts apply to gemstones, my prices are wholesale.


Blue Ice Polka Dot Agate Sterling Silver Ring, $222


 Join us for Second Saturday Art Walk at West Coast Artisans!  We will be out of town this coming weekend but our jewelry and loose gemstones will be there.  Our friend and gallery mate, Janet, will be there to assist you!

West Coast Artisans

160 10th Street

Astoria, OR 97103

Wed - Sat

12 - 4pm


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Cosmic Aether Jewelry

I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Aries!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Corn Moon in Pisces, September 1st 2020 September 1, 2020 19:11 6 Comments

Happy Full Moon!
Dolphin and Black Tourmaline
The full moon will peak at 10:23pm PST tonight, September 1st, in the water sign, Pisces.  Depending on where you are in the world, the full moon may peak tomorrow for you.  Here's a link to's Pisces Full Moon Ritual.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, this moon is named because it happens around the same time of the year as the corn harvest.  "The full Moon that happens nearest to the autumnal equinos (September 22 or 23) always takes on the name “Harvest Moon” instead of a traditional name—a rule that often places the Harvest Moon in the month of September. However, when September’s full Moon occurs early in the month, the full Moon of early October lands nearest to the autumnal equinox and therefore takes on the Harvest Moon title instead. 

That’s the case in 2020, when October will experience two full Moons: one on October 1 (the Harvest Moon) and the other on the 31st (the Hunter’s Moon and a  Blue Moon, too)!"

Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Black Tourmaline is a talisman of protection.  It acts as a psychic mirror, deflecting negative energies and entities.  It protects against emotional vampires, a perfect stone for empaths.  It also guards against EMFs, radiation and pollutants.  Black Tourmaline helps to turn one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts into positive energy.  Black Tourmaline is both an Earth and Root Chakra stone.  Black tourmaline is a great stone to use for healing work as it realigns the chakras from crown to root.  Also known as "Schorl", it's an incredibly powerful stone of protection.  It wards off negative energy, psychic attacks, emotional vampires, curses, ghosts and ill wishes.  A great stone for empaths, it helps protect you from other peoples' energies and emotions so the empath doesn't take them on as their own.  Ancient magicians believed that Black Tourmaline would protect them from “earth demons” as they cast their spells.  Black Tourmaline balances the left and right brain hemispheres and helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones.  It also repels against electromagnetic energies from electronics and computers as well as radiation and pollution.  A very grounding stone, it eases anxiety and stress as well as alleviates panic attacks.  It must be cleansed often.

According to,, "In general, Dolphin symbolism is a reminder that you need to get out with your peers and family and play. In other words, most of us, as adults, take our responsibilities very seriously and end up focusing on our work and families. Therefore, the Dolphin meaning is letting you know that you have to take time out and play. After all, this spirit animal insists that laughter, joy, movement, and engaging your mind on fun is the best way to relieve stress and regroup.

Alternatively, Dolphin symbolism is prompting you to balance and harmonize your environment. In this case, one of the best ways that you can do this is by practicing love for each other. To clarify, find ways that you can help the young, the sick, by providing guidance, healing, and companionship. In other words, join a peaceful community today and celebrate how much we are all alike, instead of focusing on our differences."  

Dolphin also represents,

"Balance, Community, Contentment, Creativity, Curiosity, Friendship, Generosity, Gentleness, Grace, Harmony, Intelligence, Language, Letting Go, Newness, Playfulness, Power, Resurrection, Rhythm, Sexuality, Transcendence." 

Gemstone Stacker Rings!


These rings are sterling silver with handcut gemstones from the estate we bought in Quartzite, AZ this January.  These gemstones were hand cut in the 1980's and you cannot beat the color and quality.  We have multiples of each stone so I am creating a Stacker Series, starting with these 9 rings!  Each one has a drop down menu so you can choose your size, including half sizes!  I went a little nuts and made 3 Sapphire rings because it's the September birthstone and I wanted to have options.  I'll add to the series along the way, and I'll be certain to let everyone know when new Gemstone Stacker Babies are available.

Sapphire 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $90

Rhodolite Garnet 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $45

Green Tourmaline 2mm Round Prong Set Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

Black Star Sapphire 4mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $68

Citrine 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

Peridot 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

Aquamarine 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

Sapphire 2mm Round Prong Set Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $55

Amethyst 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

New Faceted Free Form Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklaces!

 Join me Thursday, September 10th, at 3pm PST for a Live Stream Sale!  I'm moving in to a van and I'm downsizing my life, including my amazing personal gemstone collection.  I want to give you all first pic of the litter, including this huge and AMAZING Green Fluorite crystal.  I will be selling it for $200, which is just above wholesale price.  I will have crystals large and small starting at $10, all of which have been amazing healing tools that I am ready to send off to new homes.  They have all been charged and cleansed on this evenings full moon.


Charoite Drop Sterling Silver Necklace $42

Faceted Amazonite Arrow Sterling Silver Necklace $44

Iolite Faceted Crest Necklace $42


K2 Stone Faceted Elongated Drop Necklace $40


Sunstone in Peach Moonstone Faceted Fan Necklace, $50

Oregon Blue Opal Faceted Crest Necklace $40


 Join us for Second Saturday Art Walk at West Coast Artisans!  We will be out of town this coming weekend minig Polka Dot Agate but all of our jewelry will be there.  Our friend and gallery mate, Janet, will be there to assist you!

West Coast Artisans

160 10th Street

Astoria, OR 97103

Wed - Sat

12 - 4pm


I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Pisces!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius, August 3, 2020 August 3, 2020 22:40 6 Comments

Happy Full Moon!
Puffin and Lodolite
The full moon peaked at 8:59am PST this morning, August 3rd, in the air sign, Aquarius.  It has been quite intense and I'm sure many of you are feeling it.  For me personally, I have felt super motivated and empowered all day.  I also feel as though I'm transforming in this energy, I feel that we all are.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac

“August’s full Moon was traditionally called the Sturgeon Moon because the giant sturgeon of the Great Lakes and Lake Champlain were most readily caught during this part of summer."

Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Lodolite, also called Inclusion Quartz, is Clear Quartz that has traces of Chlorite, Hematite, Feldspar and other minerals that create bursts of color within the crystal.  They appear to create a garden landscape magnified through the Clear Quartz.  Lodolite is a Crown Chakra stone and can be used to heighten intuition and assist one in connecting to their spirit guides and angels.  It’s known to be a shamans stone and has been used to increase spiritual perceptions and connect with beings in the spirit rhealm.  Lodolite is a wonderful stone to use while meditating, especially when trying to recall past lives.  Its calming, soothing energy helps relax one into a meditative state. It is extra potent to help you manifest your desires through meditation.  Lodolite helps to release past life and early life trauma by healing the emotions that cause stress and fear in the present moment.  Lodolite forces one to acknowledge and address all emotions, good and bad, and helps to release anything that no longer resonates.  Lodolite protects the wearer from negative energy and provides a sense of positivity.  It also helps one through times of transition.  It helps one to “age gracefully” by accepting the body’s transitions as it goes through the aging process.  Lodolite helps one create new ways of understanding their old ways of doing things.  It helps one to lucid dream, see auras and protects while astral traveling.

Lodolite Drop Sterling Silver Necklace, $35

On the morning of the full moon, I found a dead seabird on the ground near where I live.  It was black with webbed feet and white tipped tail feathers and it appeared to be a juvenial.  It's long neck was gracefully swooped downward tucked into it's chest in a peacfeul pose.  It looked like it had recently passed, and I immediately swooped it up to give it a better resting place.  I set it underneath a tree right by the water on the edge of the bay and did a ceremony for the bird.  I felt sure that it was the full moon spirit animal.  I tried to identify the sea fowl, but I couldn't find anything quite like it in the duck or cormorant family.  Although I never did identify it, my search results for "Oregon black and white sea bird" resulted in the Tufted Puffin.  It hit me that I already knew this full moon's spirit animal and it was, in fact, a seabird. 

I had encountered Puffins for the very first time a few weeks ago on our quest to see the comet, Neowise.  Scott and I took the van out for a late night venture and watched the puffins fly and play at Haystack Rock in Canon Beach during the sunset.  The Puffins come to Haystack Rock every year to mate and raise their young.  Their habitat is very protected by the people of Cannon Beach and you will find statues and paintings of Puffins around the town.  We did see Neowise that evening, through our binoculars, we could see it emerge as the sun set and the sky turned dark blue.  We watched it until we tired and then spent our very first night in the van together.  We woke up early and went to see the Puffins again on our way back to Astoria.  They're so magical!  Watching them fly is mesmorizing, they dive off Haystack Rock and then take flight, they fly around the rock in circles and dive into the ocean.  They even circled around us several times.  One got as close as 10 feet from us, but we didn't have the camera ready.  The best time to see the Puffins is between May and Labor Day, and we just happened to be there at the right time.  Here's a link to Cannon Beach's official website to learn more about the Puffins they so proudly love and protect. 

 "According to,,

"Puffin shows up as a spirit guide when:

You need power to thrive in darkness.
You need to understand the parent child relationship."
"You need to understand your surrounding.
Call of Puffin as a Spirit Guide when:
You need a lifetime partner.
You need to understand the parental abandonment.
You need ability to thrive in darkness.
You want to have a long life.
You need to know your background."
This makes sense, as Puffins mate for life and raise only one child together.  The offspring are left to fend for themselves after leaving the nest.  According to, www.thespiritualcentre, Puffins are linked to nyphs and mermaids.  They are "mysterious, monogomous and romantic".  "The Puffin brings stability and routine, it brings comfort and familiarity.  Do no harm, to love and be loved.  The bright orange encourages the 2nd chakra, the sacral chakra into balance.  Fertility in all things, from projects, to life itself."

My 50% Off sale has turned into a 40% off sale.  I will be lowering the discount amount over the next few weeks to phase out my sale.  Discount applies at checkout!


New Faceted Free Form Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklaces!

From Left:

Labradorite $40

Green Serpentine $45

Dendritic Opal $38

Iolite with Sunstone Inclusions $50

Aquamarine $37

Here are the resluts from my "Choose Your Own Turquoise Adventure" Instagram special.  I bought the raw from Kingman Mine in Arizona and cut about 15 stones to start.   These were claimed and I sold the rest to my gemstone vendor friend, Travis.  I will be cutting more turquoise, see the photo below, including some Utah Green Turquoise.  I will offering more "Choose Your Own Gemstone Adventures" so stay tuned!

 Join us for Second Saturday Art Walk at West Coast Artisans!  We will be out of town this weekend but our jewelry will be there.  Our friend and gallery mate, Janet, will be there to assist you!

West Coast Artisans

160 10th Street

Astoria, OR 97103

Wed - Sat

12 - 4pm


I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Aquarius!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Buck Moon in Capricorn, July 4th, 2020 July 9, 2020 14:50 2 Comments

Happy Full Moon!
Coyote and Turquoise
The full moon peaked at 9:44pm PST on the evening of July 4th in the earth sign, Capricorn.  It was also a lunar eclipse, the third and final in a row.  We will have another eclipse season later in the year as well.  Most calendar years have 4 eclipses on average but in 2020, we are scheduled to have 6 total eclipses.  No wonder this is such a hugely transformative year.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, "the full Moon in July is called the Buck Moon because a buck’s antlers are in full growth mode at this time. This full Moon was also known as the Thunder Moon because thunderstorms are so frequent during this month."
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Turquoise has a calming energy and it helps balance emotions.  Turquoise is known to be a master healing stone.  It increases wisdom and has long been used as a shaman's stone as it's said to connect to the psychic rhealms.  A Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakra stone, turquoise also works to align all chakras as well.  Turquoise is a stone of protection and blocks out enviromental pollutants.  It's known as the "Safe Travels" stone and protects one on long journeys. Turquoise are good luck and are good stones for both friendship and romantic love.  Turquoise is also my go to for Mercury Retrograde times.  This one has been a duzy and will be over on July 11th.  Just a few more days to go!

According to What's My Spirit Animal, "Coyote energy is a sign of trouble or good fortune. Most of all, however Coyote arrives in our lives with a smile and a song, acting as a gentle reminder that laughter is truly good medicine.   One can be both playful and wise – there is a balance in between.  The Coyote is a wild sage whose message comes indirectly. This is not a candid spirit, but one that often resorts to chicanery and jokes to get a point across. Thus, when working with Coyote you must keep on your toes.  Coyote will use every opportunity to present a piece of insight through even what appears to be a wholly transparent situation.  Coyote challenges us to think about those things that we have pushed down or hidden from others. Very often such matters impact our body, mind, and spirit even unwittingly. Recognizing what you’ve buried and finding coping mechanisms is a step toward wholeness.  Coyote also chases away gloomy clouds and negative perspectives by offering the gift of seeing life through the eyes of good humor.  If Coyote had a mantra it could well be, “expect the unexpected.” Uncertainty is part of life so you might as well embrace it like the Coyote and release what you cannot control with joy.”

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I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Capricorn!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius June 5th, 2020 June 10, 2020 12:41

Happy Full Moon!
Cow and Fire Obsidian
The full moon peaked at 12:12pm PST on the evening of June 5th in the fire sign, Sagittarius.  It was also a lunar eclipse and the flames of rage and rebirth were fanning as protests were and still are turning into riots.  Sagittarius are born leaders who think for themselves, seek the truth, dispense brutal honesty and fight relentlesly for what they believe is righteous and just.  It's no wonder that the flames of rebirthing a new, more harmoneous world are rising and inspring many of us to get out and protest for what our souls know is true: We are all equal.  Period.
I was proud of my home town of less than 10,000 people for having quite a large turnout in peaceful protest of police brutality and racism in the wake of George Floyd's brutal murder.  My partner and I were there and the sense of love, peace and togetherness was overwhelming.  So were the responses of the passing by cars: some sent love and light though honking horns, showing peace signs, nodding heads, smiling. Some showed hate energy by shaking their heads, glaring our way, driving their big trucks by multiple times in menacing and intimidating ways.  This country's divide has never been more severe, and I know it's a scary and transformative time for us all.  I send love and light to George Floyd, his family and all black citizens of the world.  We see you, we love you, we know we must change our ways.  We are  changing our world for the better.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, the native tribes called the June full moon the strawberry moon because of the abundance of strawberries and other fruits ripening this time of year.  The wild strawberries, blackberries and salmonberries are just starting to pop here in Astoria, Oregon.  I look forward to foraging soon!
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Fire Obsidian is found in only one area in the world, Glass Butte in central Oregon.  It was formed when the area was covered in ocean and a volvanic eruption occured, forcing the Obsidian to form with layers of Magnetite as the magma cooled.  The pressure of the Ocean created this gem grade Obsidian that contains layers of rainbow flash.  The rainbow flash layer is made of tiny magnetite crystals that are as thin as a wavelenth of light.  I was so fortunate to get to meet one of the mine owners, Emory Coons, last weekend and mine this material myself.  My partner and I bumped into him while and he invited us to mine with him!   Check out his business page and buy cabochons and arrowheads from him!  We hope to take knapping and lapidary lessons from Emory in the near future.

Coons Lapidary and Magnetite

Fire Obsidian is a trumendously grounding and high vibrational stone that works with all Chakras.  It's properties are those of Obsidian and Magnetite.  Magnetite is actually magnetic, although Fire Obsidian is not because it contains such small amounts of Magnetite.   I never thought I would say this, but move over, Labradorite, Fire Obsidian is my new favorite stone!  

Magnetite is all about polarity, it attracts and repels your intentions, making it a great stone for manifestation.  It's very grounding and works with the Root Chakra, balancing the Root Chakra and keeps people from slipping into fear, anger and grief.  Magnetite increases energy levels and is a very positive stone. Magnetite aligns the chakras while worn or carried and helps create emotional balance.  Iy helps to balance the mental and emotional bodies so they work together in harmony.  Magnetite helps one to develop a more intimate understanding of their own intuitive language and therefore helps one to trust their intuition.  It's perfect for meditation as it helps ground one while also connecting to the higher chakras.  Magnetite increases telapathy, psychic abilities and clairvoyance.  Magnetite is wonderful to attract what you want in your life, especially love and loyalty.   It forms in black to grey colored octohedron shapes, which glow as rainbows inside Fire Obsidian.  

Obsidian is a volcanic gem grade glass that is trumendously grounding.  A Root Chakra stone, it's very protective and blocks one from psychic attack and other types of negative energies.  Its uplifting and positive energy helps to let go of all negativity, keeping bad thoughts at bay and replacing them with more kind, loving thoughts.  Obsidian is a powerful stone to assist in transformations, providing a calming energy through the changes.  It acts as a mirror, allowing one to see their true self and to live in acordance to ones truth.  It helps to increase self control and evolve on all levels.  Obsidian helps clarify thoughts and allows one to make better life choices.  It helps clear out past emotional traumas and acts as an energetic cleanse.  It helps to regain lost energy and helps stop energy leaks.  It's calming energies make it perfect to carry or wear every day and it enhances the properties of other stones.


Little Glass Butte, Oregon

Fire Obsidian Specimen we found on our trip.  This is one of the nicer specimens and we need to learn how to cut this stone before we tackle the "good stuff".

The Obsidian fields are home to cows who live and roam freely on the land, eating sage and grasses.  It was so fun seeing families roaming together, their little ones playing with each other in the fields.  One morning we awoke to the sounds of a family grazing right by our tent, it was wild!

According to, Cow asks us to, "Focus on the actions, behaviors, and choices that you know will feed your soul." "Cow symbolism is reminding you to tread lightly along your path. In this way, you will be able to leave others unharmed as you seek to reach your goal. Moreover, cow symbolism reminds you to make sure that your progress towards your goal protects the environment, its inhabitants, and the emotional balance of those around you. Thus this spirit animal reminds you to consider your next move carefully.

Alternatively, Cow’s meaning is reminding you that it is essential to give while you are receiving. By sharing your current wealth and abundance, you will make room for more of the same. When you connect yourself to the source energy of creation, you will experience abundance and fullness. In some cases, the Cow meaning symbolizes a deep connection with the Earth and the Earth’s creative and rejuvenating properties. Thus it can represent a period of magic and transformation."

According to,, "Because Cows provide us with food and milk, the symbolism of fertility and meeting material needs also applies. Deities with Cow associations like Nut act like a nursemaid to humankind, particularly mothers and children." "Cows are a lunar, divine feminine energy."

Cow has much to teach humanity right now.  I felt their greatness as we camped and mined in their fields.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Sagittarius!  

Love and light to everyone!


Happy Full Flower Super Moon in Scorpio, May 7th, 2020 May 7, 2020 14:08

Happy Full Moon!
Leopard and Tanzanite
The last of three Super Moons, the full moon peaked at 3:45am PST this morning. According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, the native tribes called the May full moon the flower moon because of the abundance of flowers blooming this time of year.  The flowers are in full bloom here in Astoria, Oregon, the weather is turning sunny and you can smell the blossoms on the breeze.
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Tanzanite, also known as Lavender Zoisite, is a high vibrational stone, and primarily a Third Eye Chakra Stone.  It connects with the Heart and Throat Chakras as well and helps to facilitate communication between them. This open channel between these three higher chakras allows space for intense emotional healing. Tanzanite relieves stress and has a very harmonious energy. Tanzanite has playfully been referred to as a good stone for workaholics, as it will help the over extended wearer to slow down and take things at a more manageable and balanced pace. It combats depression and transmutes negative energy.  It's incredibly helpful for spiritual awakening to ones purpose.  Red Jasper is a wonderful stone for these strange times. 

Tanzanite Sterling Silver Necklace


According to, Leopard asks us to, "Listen to your heart and intuition so that you will know when and how to react." "

Leopard symbolism is reminding you that there is always a period of rebirth after a period of radical change. Thus this spirit animal is the healer of deep wounds. In other words, Leopard meaning will bring old issues to resolution through the reclaiming of your lost power during the time of the wounding. This big cat is reminding you that you have many resources available to you and that these resources can be physical, mental, psychic, emotional, and spiritual."  "Leopard symbolism is letting you know that you need to accept your spots and use them as your strengths. Therefore, you must stop hiding because of your own perceived weaknesses. In other words, everything you dream of, you have the power and the strength to accomplish. You merely have to believe, have faith, and find the right path. Persistence is the keyword."

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I am available for appointments, $65 per hour.  Message me on Facebook to set up an appointment.  Balanced chakras create a healther immune system and lead to harmony of mind, body and soul.  My session includes a crystal chakra alignment, followed up with reiki and talk therapy.  Everything is 100% confidential, I am here to heal other.

Each week, I am offering 2 free one hour long distant crystal reiki session to nurses or doctors working in the trenches.  You are our soldiers and I appreciate you!  Message me on Facebook, I will book appointments on a first come, first serve basis.

I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Scorpio!  Here is a ritual for tonight's full moon by

RIP to all those who have been lost to the COVID-19 virus.  May your souls move onward in love and light.


Happy Full Pink SuperMoon in Libra, April 7th, 2020 April 7, 2020 21:01

Happy Full Moon!

According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, "April’s full Moon often corresponded with the early springtime blooms of a certain wildflower native to eastern North America: Phlox subulata—commonly called creeping phlox or moss phlox—which also went by the name “moss pink.”  This full moon is happening during the first ever pandemic known to man in a century, and Libra is about balance.  Although this is a very scary time, this full moon asks us to take a look with brand new eyes at our lives and what must change, transform or go.  Balance is key, and this quarentine time is allowing balance to be restored on our planet.  Mother Gaia can breathe and she's long overdue.  This is a time of transformation on a planet wide level like we've never seen before.  Everything is changing.  It is up to us to create this new Earth together.  May it be balanced, just and full of love and light.  May we consider Gaia's well being when making all our future choices.  May we rebuild greener and better.
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

I chose Red Jasper as this lunar month's gemstone because I have been finding it everywhere recently.  On our drive back from Arizona to Oregon, I kept a small piece of Red Jasper I found rock hounding in my pocket as we drove through a quartentined America.  It gave me comfort to hold it as we were driving in to the unkonwn.  All our shows were being cancelled and the restaurant I work part time at in Astoria was closed.  Holding Red Jasper kept me calm and strong, even while knowing I was now unemployed and many people are sick and dying by an invisible enemy. 

Upon my return, I reconnected on the phone with one of my other intuitive friends.  She texted me that she had a dream that an old woman handed her a piece of Red Jasper.  I immediately called her to tell her I had gotten the same intuitive memo. 

Red Jasper is a stone of courage and endurance. A root chakra gem, it’s very protective and grounding.  Red Jasper stimulates chi, life force energy, and increases stamina.  It helps to focus and to be determined to reach your goals and to complete tasks.  Red Jasper is a stone of passion and activates the libido and increases sexuality.  It helps to relieve stress and worry.  Red Jasper helps balance emotions.  It removes negative energy and cleanses the aura. It helps manifest new creative ideas.  Red Jasper inspires a positive attitude and outlook.  

Red Jasper is a wonderful stone for these strange times.  You can buy it online as a specimen.  I have a necklace available on my website for $35.

Red Jasper Sterling Silver Necklace

I chose Newt as this lunar month's spirit animal because severl of them recently crossed my path.  I was hiking with my partner a few days ago in a very secluded part of Oregon, near some active logging roads.  We saw several newts sunning themselves in large puddles in the road after a rain.  He identified them as non poisonous so moved them by hand from the puddles to save them from future logging trucks.  We took a few photos of our new friends and enjoyed the rest of our hike.  

 According to, "The newt spirit animal has the sense of one making proper use of their time. It requires one to wisely use their time to keep a balance between the chances that they get in life. Through this teaching, one can make the proper adjustments in life to take advantages of the many opportunities." "the newt spirit animal signifies the possibility of having aid from another source like the spiritual realm. However, the help can also be in the form of encouragement from our friends, family members, and even co-workers.

From time to time, the newt means that one needs to rejuvenate or go through detoxification. By doing so, one can make sure that they have the opportunity to get rid of all the negative things in their lives."  Newts represent transformation, change and rebirth.  They can live in both water and on land, they're extremely adaptable to changes in their environment.  Newts represent resourcefulness, adaptability and  balance.  "The newt has the fantastic ability to re-grow its limbs if they fall off." "This ability symbolizes regeneration and revitalization. Therefore, the newt people can always rest easy when they lose something dear because they know that they will be another one. A new opportunity is maybe even better than the last one. Therefore, they should go about their day to day life knowing that the divine world is looking out for them."

 This is the perfect spirit animal for us all during this strange pandemic.  Look to the newt for some guidance.  Think about using existing resources in new ways.  Use this time wisely and remember to say thank you to mother Earth.  This strange time is her reprieve, her period of detox.  Everything happens for a reason.  Many goods will also come of this.

I am available for appointments, $65 per hour.  Message me on Facebook to set up an appointment.  Balanced chakras create a healther immune system and lead to harmony of mind, body and soul.  My session includes a crystal chakra alignment, followed up with reiki and talk therapy.  Everything is 100% confidential, I am here to heal other.

Each week, I am offering 2 free one hour long distant crystal reiki session to nurses or doctors working in the trenches.  You are our soldiers and I appreciate you!  Message me on Facebook, I will book appointments on a first come, first serve basis.

I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Libra!  Here is a ritual for tonight's full moon by

RIP to all those who have been lost to the COVID-19 virus.  May your souls move onward in love and light.


Happy Full Worm SuperMoon in Virgo, March 9th, 2020 March 12, 2020 11:53

Happy Belated Full Moon!
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, "This full Moon traditionally goes by the name Worm Moon, which refers to the fact that earthworms and grubs tend to emerge from their winter dormancy at this time of year, marking a sure sign of spring!"  This full moon also landed on the same day that Mercury went direct, so there was double reason to celebrate!  Virgo is ruled by Mercury so many things came to light during this full moon.


Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

I chose Fire Agate for this full moon's stone because I went rock hounding for them on the full moon with my partner.  We found a few really nice ones we plan to cut into cabochons to make jewelry.  We also found a half a bucket full of specimens to sell.  We climbed and circled a small mountain top, gathering Fire Agates along the way.  Fire Agate is a super grounding and motivating stone.  It stimulates chi, giving the wearer a boost of energy.  It works with the lower Chakras, Root, Sacral and Solar Plexus.  Fire Agate is very protective, it creates a safety shield around the wearer that deflects negativity.  FIre Agate is very calming and soothing.  It inspires passion and increases labido.  It helps to increase intuition and spirituality.  Fire Agate is a stone of integrity.  It helps to overcome bad habits, patterns and addictions.  Fire Agate inspires courage and reduces fear.  It overcomes negativity and heals anger.  Fire Agate is helpful for healing traumas.

I chose hedghog as this lunar month's spirit animal because I spent some time with two baby female hedgehogs during the Tucson Gem Show.  Their mom, Rica, booked a room in our Air B & B right after she adopted them. They are the cutest and sweetest creatures!  One is light brown and the other dark black so she named them Salt n Pepper.   Rica also works the Tucson Gem Show and we became fast friends.  We get to visit Rica and the hedghogs in a few days on our way out of Arizona.  I'm really excited!  According to,, "The hedgehog tells you to stand up and take action. It doesn’t matter whether people believe you're capable or not.  Do not curl up in self-pity when people fail to appreciate you. You don’t owe anyone any experience.  Just like the hedgehog, use your personal space to unleash your full potential. You have many gifts and talents that the world can benefit from. The hedgehog spirit guides you to share with those who need you.  The hedgehog is in a class of its own. Similarly, be true to your nature. Don’t be hurt when those around you don’t seem to understand you.  People don’t have to see your intentions for you to succeed. Whether they appreciate you or not, go ahead and do the right thing anyway.  The hedgehog spirit will guide you to success.  By its connection to the earth, the hedgehog indicates fertility. You can be inspired by this to unleash the creativity of your very fertile mind.  Many cultures in Asia associated the hedgehog with productivity. For example, the ancient inhabitants of Iran viewed this animal as a symbol of abundance in the agricultural fields.  In such cultures, this animal was considered a power animal. They connected it to the vitality and energy exuded by the sun.  Indeed, the picture becomes clearer when you think of the hedgehog spikes looking very similar to the rays of the sun.  The hedgehog is largely a nocturnal animal. This connects it to the powers of intuition and psychic ability. Spiritually, we connect this to the ability to have visions and prophetic dreams."

I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Virgo!  I was called to get outside and dig in the dirt for Fire Agates and I hope you all did something outside in nature as well.  Love and light to everyone!


Full Snow Moon in Leo, February 8, 2020 March 11, 2020 12:53

Happy Full Moon!
According to,, mouse asks us to, "Take a good look at what needs to be cleaned, ordered, or groomed in your life."  "mouse symbolism is asking you to look at what is right in front of your eyes and then take action accordingly. Alternatively, mouse meaning may also be reminding you not to neglect the trivial but necessary things in life. In other words, you may have become too focused on one or two activities. Thus, you have been neglecting the opportunities that surround you. Mouse symbolism could also be letting you know that you are trying to do too many things at the same time."  "mouse symbolism is also letting you know that to attain the big things in life you sometimes have to stay focused on the little things. Therefore stay connected to the present moment."
The "Mystery Stone" is now called Avropium (ave-rope-ee-um).  My partner, Scott Mendenhall, came up with the name.  It was inspired by my neice, Avery, and Uropium, the rare Earth mineral that it contains.  It also contains some silver, copper, titanium and gold.  Avropium is a stone of ascention, here to assist people during spiritual awakening.  It helps to align all the chakras but is particularly potent when working with the Earth Star and Soul Star Chakras.  During meditation, I felt deeply grounded and saw the Earth Star Chakra in my vision, which is a gorgeous copper sun with soft glowing rays.  I then felt energy rise all the way through my Chakras up past my Crown.  I then saw the Soul Star Chakra for the first time.  It is a white glittery golden eye with rays of white flames coming from all sides.  Aftewards, I learned that my partner had the exact same vision during his meditation.  Avropium is obviusly a wonderful stone to use in meditation!  It's both grounding and high vibrational, connecting directly to the core of Mother Earth while also connecting to the higher dimentions, spirit guides, angels and higher self.  Avropium has a calming, soothing and uplifting effect.  It helps one to see the bigger picture and to identify their path.  It encourages one to stay in their flow, increasing synchronicities and enhancing the ability to manifest.  Avropium is a stone of motivation, giving a boost of energy to the wearer.  It helps to open the mind into a more creative state, allowing the flow of new ideas and connections.  Avropium is grounding and protective and is a wonderful stone for healers, empaths and psychics. 

Full Wolf Moon in Cancer January 10, 2020 March 11, 2020 12:02

Happy Full Moon!
Crab and Emerald
According to,, Crab teaches us that it's, "Time to come out of your shell and be yourself.  Stop hiding.
  "Crab symbolism is reminding you that not all paths lead directly to your personal goals. In other words, sometimes a sideways approach is necessary. Therefore, you must shift your focus to what is all around you because your inner senses are trying to guide you through an easier way. Alternatively, crab meaning can be reminding you that community is vital for growth. However,  equally important is a time of introspective seclusion. Thus you need to know when to withdraw and discern what is right for you.


Moreover, crab symbolism can also be letting you know that it is crucial to nourish your curiosity on all levels. In fact, the exploration of the world around you leads to discovering new horizons and vibrant life."

Emerald is a stone of true love and loyalty. It promotes forgiveness and understanding, friendship and faithfulness. Emeralds also strengthen intuition and clairvoyance. Emerald brings emotional, physical and spiritual balance.

Full Cold Moon in Gemini, December 11th, 2019 December 12, 2019 18:09

Happy Full Moon in Gemini!
This one is in my sun sign and I've been feeling it hard!  Here's what my favorite astrologers have to say about this full moon's energies:
This morning, I had the pleasure of seeing this pair of pelicans right out front of my apartment building.  I live on the Bay in Astoria, OR, and see the most amazing birds out on the water.  The pelicans were the closest to land they have ever been today and my boyfriend snapped this photo of them for me.  They're the most amazing creatures and they visit almost every day since I've lived here in June.  I am truly blessed to open my windows to such a view each day.
According to, Pelican symbolism means;
"There is no need for you to be sacrificing yourself at the expense of others. Allow others to help you and lighten the burden. Ask for help.
Pelican symbolism is reminding you that you need to take some time for yourself so that you can go inward. In other words, something in your life is slightly off kilter and needs to be balanced. Thus pelican meaning, like the Killer Whale, also insists that you spend time with family and loved ones as well as yourself. Ultimately, taking this breather will bring things back into focus for yourself. 

Alternatively, Pelican symbolism teaches us that we should take it easy occasionally. Like the Manatee, the need to slow down a bit is especially real in the most hectic times of our lives. Thus you should make sure that you make an effort to float through life and float through your emotions. Savoring each moment is essential. Therefore, you must take the time to enjoy what life has to offer in each moment.

Conversely, sometimes it takes a team to accomplish the goals that you have set for yourself. In other words, do not be afraid to ask for help. Moreover, recruit what you need to get the job done."

Amber works with both the Sacral and Solar Plexus Chakras and is one potently powerful fossil.  Amber is prehistoric tree sap and it holds a connection to the sun and ancient forrests, many times holding actual prehistoric insects and plant matter inside.  Amber works to both cleanse and reactivate the chakras. It eliminates fear, balances emotions and helps to go with the flow.  It's a wonderful tool for clearing and protecting any environment in which it resides from negativity and toxic energy.  Amber is a natural purifier so it actually transforms negativity into clear, positive energy.   It emits a shiny, soothing energy much like the sun and is good for combatting depression or for aiding the process of grieving.  It is said to atract love and provide good luck.  Amber strengthens intuition, aids in manifestation and is a great tool for past life recall.  It is useful for clearing family and ancestral patterns.  It helps one to take action and make their own choices.  Amber helps clear the mind and reduces stress.  It increases vitality and aids tissue regeneration.  

To celebrate the Full Moon in my sun sign, Gemini, I'm offering 20% off site wide until the end of 2019!  No code necessary, the discount applies at checkout!  Happy Holidays and Love and Light to you all!

Full Beaver Moon in Sagittarius, November 26th 2019 December 12, 2019 17:20

Full Hunter's Moon in Aries, October 13th 2019 November 14, 2019 14:01

Happy Full Moon!
I met this donkey in person while on the road selling gemstones with my new side job with Avian Oasis.  This donkey is one of the many pets of the owner and he keeps them around to keep the coyotes away.  I had no idea they were so protective!  According to,

"Donkey as a Spirit Animal may saunter into your life when you have taken on too much responsibility. This animal ally naturally wants to help, but when you put too much on their backs they will fail physically. In human terms this also translates to emotional and spiritual damage. Learning to say no is an art form that honors your sacred self.

On the flip side, Donkey may be challenging you to become more responsible to yourself, others and/or a specific situation. If you’ve been shirking, Donkey will be happy to give you a push. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a Donkey kick knows full well that this Spirit Animal is strong and well-aimed.

Donkey Spirit may also bray at your side with words of warning. Donkey sees and senses danger. You need to stop, reassess your surroundings and reconsider before taking any further action. No need to run head-long into trouble. Tune in those instincts and trust yourself more.

Despite what many people think, Donkey is smart. He loves to learn and may become a guide to students, particularly younger ones whose playful spirit attracts him. Here Donkey has come offering confidence, determination and focus.

Because of Donkey’s association with Dionysus, this Spirit Animal may be hinting at the need to get more in touch with your sexual, sensual self. Are you too withdrawn? Or, perhaps too overbearing? Donkey helps you sort out that push-pull in your own self-awareness.

There are a few other messages Donkey Spirit may have for you. First, are you giving too much stock to other people’s opinions about yourself, rather than how YOU feel? Are you letting people make your choices for you instead of trusting that you are doing the right thing? Is there a situation in which your helpful nature is being misused? These are the questions this creature and helpmate challenges us with so that we can make positive changes."

Green Fluorite harmonizes and recharges the chakras, as well as cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It helps release emotional trauma and absorbs and dissolves negative energy and stress. Green Fluorite is a great stone for learning as it increases our powers of concentration. A happy stone, Green Fluorite brings positive energy to the wearer.



Full Sturgeon Moon in Aquarius August 15th, 2019 August 19, 2019 10:51

Happy Belated Full Moon!
According to the Farmer's Almenac, August's full moon was the time that sturgeon and other fish were plentiful to catch.  Here are some links to my favorite websites about the full moon:

I chose Squid as this month's lunar spirit animal because I encoutered one in the Pacific Ocean a day before the full moon.  My friend scooped it up out of the ocean and it squirted water on me.  It started out white but turned this red color after a minute of being held.  I took this photo right before we set him free.  According to ,"Squid guides movement and productivity at night and aids in finding what is hidden. As with Octopus, the art of camouflage is important. She teaches adaptability to situations and concealment until the moment is right. Squid aids and balances the emotional realm. Communication may include light and color at this time. Is it time to fulfill or embark on artistic endeavors? She will show how to be aware with the skill of retreat. Curious and observant, Squid medicine helps in transitioning between the un/subconscious worlds leading you to explore more facets of your spiritual being."

Rose Quartz is THE stone for love of all kinds.  It attracts romantic love, enhances self love and platonic love.  It is the stone of unconditional love.  It can also help create a closer bond with your partner, family and friends.  A Heart Chakra stone, it works to open the heart to trust, hope, forgiveness and harmony.  Physically, it helps to lower blood pressure.  Rose Quartz combats jealousy, anger and resentment for others.  It also promotes forgiveness and empathy.  Rose Quartz has a calm and soothing energy and is the best stone to help heal a broken heart.  It is also useful for all types of emotional healing.  Rose Quartz can also help to relieve headaches when placed upon the Third Eye.  Rose Quartz assists us in accepting that change is necessary and to help us love ourselves while going through transitions.

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Stay tuned to my Instagram for Dark Crystal Themed jewelry!
Love and light to you all!  
XO - Garnet

Happy Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn July 16th, 2019 July 18, 2019 21:54

Happy Full Buck Moon Lunar Eclipse in Capricorn!
This full moon peaked at 2:38pm PTZ and I saw this little tree frog sitting on a leaf at Cape Dissapointment Park right aroud that time.  I knew it was the spirit animal for this month's lunar oracle card. 
According to Trusted Psychic Mediums, "The meaning of the frog speaks about transitions and transformations. It appears to you during times of change, or when you are about to make a big decision that will affect your future.  It invites you to make that much-needed change. This can be with regards to your choices and decisions, as well as how you live your life spiritually.  Your frog totem is strongly connected with the element of water, so the frog meaning is also closely associated with cleansing and purifying.  Be ready to cleanse yourself of anything that’s hurting you physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually.  You will experience an emotional release of some sorts, and you will finally be able to clear the toxic energies in your life. With the appearance of your frog totem, you will be able to detoxify your life and take care of yourself better. 
The frog symbolism also signals a time for rebirth or renewal. It inspires you to renew your point of view or your perspective.  Your frog totem can thrive both in water and on land. This frog meaning simply tells that you are also inclined to navigate between physical, emotional, and spiritual planes, and find joy in life and nature." "The appearance of the frog spirit animal symbolizes a prosperous and abundant time for you and your loved ones.  It also signifies fertility. It will be a healthy and fertile time for creative new ideas and fresh perspectives."

 Lepidolite has an extremely calm and soothing energy.  It helps ease feelings of anxiety and depression.  It's name traces back to the Greek word 'lepidos', which means "scale".   It's aptly named as Lepidolite helps to balance the emotions.   It's strongly associated with the Crown Chakras but also resonates with the Heart, Throat and Third Eye Chakras.  Lepidolite helps to promote dream recall and increases intuition.  Lepidolite is an exceptional stone for transitions.  It's especially helpful to see and release old patterns that are holding one back, allowing for growth and rebirth.

Here's what some of my favorite astroloers have to report on this full moon:

Forever Conscious

Mystic Mama

Cherokee Bill

I posted some new pieces!

Beatrice Tin Type Photo with Mica and Indicolite Necklace


 Annabelle Tin Type Photo with Mica and Pecos Valley Diamond Necklace


Petunia Tin Type Photo with Mica and Green Tourmaline Necklace


Green Fluorite Heart Ring


Ruby in Matrix Peekaboo Necklace


Lemon Quartz Manifest Ring


The Moon, The Sun and the Stars Necklace


Love and Light to you all!

Happy Full Strawberry Moon in Sagittarius June 17th, 2019 July 18, 2019 10:44

Happy Super Belated Full Moon and Summer Solstice
I am an entire lunar month late with posting this blog.  I have been transitioning through a lot this month so I took some time away from Gigi Moon.  I am single again, and moved into my new apartment on June 1st.  I've been working a few side jobs as well.  Immediately after my move,  I taught my first ever retreat with my friend, Aimee Ward, starting on the full moon, June 17th through June 20th!  It was at the Sou'Wester in Oceanside, right near the beach, and it was amazing and transformative.  I've included some photos of the event as well as the Chakra Cliff's Notes and worksheet I created as my course materials below.  Butterfly, in particular, blue butterfly, came through serendipidously during the retreat for me and some others.  I encountered the butterfly I used in the lunar artwork in Kansas City several years ago.  It actually let me hold it for a short while!  I took this video of it.

Butterfly represents personal transformations.

"When Butterfly spirit begins visiting your life, something new and wonderful is about to unfold  !It’s time for personal growth and greater awareness of your mental, physical and spiritual rhythms. Change can sometimes be challenging and daunting because it moves us out of our comfort zone.  You cannot embrace a “new you” until you release the old. With Butterfly medicine you’ll find that you can fly gracefully above the barriers that would otherwise hold you back.  Butterfly as a teacher puts great emphasis on movement – be it blossom to blossom, home to home, or one state in our spiritual exploration to another.  Butterfly often turns our thoughts inward to review elements of our character, morals, and habits that weigh us down, keeping us stuck in a mire of negative energy.  The goal of our winged ally is restoring lightness in your Be-ing so you can dance life’s dance with unbridled joy!" -

Smoky Quartz, A Root Chakra stone, it's very grounding and has a calming energy. It heightens intuition and is a wonderful stone for meditation. It increases survival instincts and self confidence. It helps to lighten moods, overcome negative emotions and combat depression. Smoky quartz not only relieves negative emotions like anger, jealousy and fear, but also and transforms them into positive energies. Smoky Quartz is a very protective stone. It wards off both psychic and physical attack. It increases prosperity and good luck as well as boost creative energy.  This particualr Smoky Quartz is double terminated, making it an amplifier of energy.  It was gifted to me by my friend, Rick, who is known as the Rock Guy here in Astoria.  He always gifts rocks to children and rock loving adults here.
Here are some reports for June's full moon:
And happy belated Summer Solstice!  Mystic Mama has gathered some amazing insight for you.
I taught a course on crystal Chakra therapy and how to use a pendulum to do a Chakra alignment as well as in general pendulum usage.  Students took turns practicing on each other.  I also explained some of the stone's metaphycal healing properties and each student got their own take home charka alignment kit.  
7 chakra stones, crystal pendulum, sage, palo santo, shell
I  brought some stones from my personal collection to use for the class.
Here are some views of the Sou"Wester.  It is such an enchanting place!
Guests can stay in these old vintage campers.
Sound Healing House
Tea House
Art Gallery
Guests can rent bikes to adventure on the Discovery Trail, right along Long Beach.
Here's a view of Long Beach, I took a bike ride all the way up to Cape Dissapointment on my lunch break
Aimee and her son, Ori.  We made a group offering to Gaia on the last day of the retreat.
Beach grass sand art
Transitions are never easy, but that doesn't mean they can't be fun, right?  I am flowing with the changes and embracing the chaos.  I hope to teach more Crystal Chakra courses and am excited to see where life takes me.  I hope this blog finds everyone happy and healthy, Love and Light to you all!

Happy Full Flower Blue Moon May 18, 2019 May 18, 2019 11:12

Happy Full Moon in Scorpio!
This one is all about rebirth and transitions, and it's taking place during spring, the perfect season of rebirth!  Everyone I know right now is going through major shifts.  This Full Moon's energy is very potent to manifest our new desires and dreams and to transform what is no longer serving us.  "The May full Moon marked a time of increasing fertility, with temperatures warm enough for safely bearing young, a near end to late frosts, and plants in bloom." March's full moon was on the Spring Equinox, making this the third full moon of spring, and the flowers are in full bloom here on the Oregon coast.  

   - Farmer's Almenac

Here is what some of my favorite astrologers have to say about today's Full Blue Moon.
For this Lunar's months art, I chose Hawk and Imperial Topaz.  

Hawks represent intuition, the ability to see between realms.  They show us the truth, and give us clear visions.  Hawks help us to focus and take the lead in life.  

“Hawks scan their environment from high above the ground, looking for potential threats and sources of food. If you see hawks showing up in your life frequently, it may be a call to see things from a higher perspective and focus on your observation skills. 

The hawk symbolizes the ability to use intuition and higher vision in order to complete tasks or make important decisions. Animal guides can deliver important messages to us from beyond, and hawks definitely serve as animals that can heighten our spiritual awareness and help us along our paths.  Hawks represent the messengers of the spirit world, so seeing them definitely means the universe wants you to learn powerful lessons or expand your knowledge and wisdom. Hawks also encourage you to use laser focus and precision to get things done, and to take the lead in life. So, if you happen to spot hawks often in your life, the universe could be trying to send you these important messages.” 

Imperial Topaz is a root, sacral, solar plexus and crown chakra stone. It boosts confidence and self worth without inflating the ego. Imperial Topaz is a stone of creativity and intention, assisting one in manifesting their dreams and desires. Imperial Topaz can help bring love to its wearer. It protects from jealously, negative magic and disease. It calms emotions, enhances relaxation and brings feelings of peace. Imperial Topaz also protects against nightmares. It helps to increase intuition and is helpful while meditating to connect to the Ascended Masters and Archangels.  Imperial Topaz is an excellent stone for Scorpios and it's even the November birthstone, which is Scorpio up through November 21st.  November Topaz Birthstone Necklace

27% off Sale
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Third Eye Hawk Series
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Conflict free blue diamond third eyes.  
Happy Full Moon!  I wish you all luck with whatever transitions or rebirths you are experiencing.  Journey well, my friends!  Love and Light to you all!

April 19th Full Pink Moon in Libra 2019 April 19, 2019 13:05

Happy Full Moon in Libra!
This Full Moon's Gemstone Spirit Animal Oracle Art features Otters and Ruby.  Otters are my absolute favorite and I've been thinking about rubies for days, so they both seem appropriate for this Full Pink Moon in Libra.  Rubies come in shades of pink and red, and in some rare cases, form with triangular record keeper etchings like the one featured.  According to the Farmer's Almenac, The Native American's called this the Pink Moon because the spring pink phlox bloomed and blanketed the fields in a canopy of blooms.  This full moon highlights balance in relationships, both romantic and platonic, and many truths will come to light to be addressed.  Some relationships will be strengthened and some will be released.  Ruby is a fantastic stone for strenghtening relationships.  This full moon highlights imbalances in our lives as well, forcing us to rethink our old ways of responding and reacting, and making us look at our bad habits and beliefs in order to transform them.  Here's what my favorite intuitives and astrologers have to say about the energies of today's Full Moon.

Ruby is known as the Stone of Nobility as it promotes power and leadership as well as aids in obtaining wealth.  Not only material wealth, Ruby also helps us to identify and obtain our ultimate values in life.  Ruby is said to help stabalize finances and bring abundance.  A Root Chakra stone, Ruby inspires courage and confidence as well as self esteem.  It has an intense and vivacious energy that ignites passion and enthusiasm.  Ruby is said to bring a spark of inner light to one’s life.  It promotes prosperity and joy and encourages us to follow our bliss.  It protects against depression and unhappiness.  It also inspires romance and is said to promote integrity and devotion to ones partner.  Ruby eleviates guilt and feelings of sadness.  Ruby helps increase intuition, promotes lucid dreaming and protects from nightmares.   It helps to stay clear headed and focused.  Ruby helps in decision making by helping us to recognize all our options.  Ruby helps show us how our thoughts affect our reality.  It promotes creativity and assists in manifestation.  Ruby deepens a couple’s relationship, encouraging closeness and commitment.

A record keeper is the name for a crystal with a trigonal crystal structure, or triangles, that appear to be “etched” as growths or indentations onto the surface of the stone.  Often times, there are many triangle shapes etched within other triangle shapes, creating a lattice patterning of triangles.  

They’re said to hold the energetic imprint and ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Universe and past civilizations here on Earth. Many believe that they were programmed by past civilizations, like Atlantis and Lemuria.  They act as keys to unlock information about past lives.  They were believed to be formed during the Ice Age through air bubbles that froze over time.  Record keepers are exceptional tools to use in mediation.  Ask your record keeper questions and to show you its stored knowledge.  Record keepers provide a sense of deep peace and universal understanding.

According to,, Otter's messge is, "It's time to let go of control and surrender to the moment. Allowing the universe to move in its own way will often manifest your dreams beyond your wildest expectations."

Otter gives us, "the knowledge that you have to take care of yourself first to be of use to others. Therefore you need to go with the natural flow, and the ebbs and tides of your life. Only then you can find joy and wonder in the small things that give you pleasure as an adult, and that gave you pleasure as a child."

Although Sea Otters don't mate for life, the River Otters used in my lunar artwork this month do.  Regardless of monogomy, all Otter couples and family members hold hands while they're sleeping so that they won't drift apart.  Otters are also known to keep the same "pet rock" for their entire lifes, tucking it inside their armpit folds for safe keeping.  They pariodically play with the rock, bouncing it from paw to paw across their chest.  Although no one knows for sure why they do this, I like to think it's their way of kicking back and letting go with the flow.  Otters are known for being playful, energetic creatures.  They work hard but also make sure to take time out to play with their loved ones and favorite rock. 

Adorable Video of Otter Playing with Pet Rock

According to,

"The connection with living moving water gives Otter the meaning of an awareness of the subconscious, emotions and psychism. Observing Otter it becomes very apparent that these creatures see life as a true playground to be filled with family and friends. Very often Otter shows up in people’s lives when they’ve become too serious, over-think things and lose sight of their inner child. One of Otter’s mottos is: play as if no one is looking (and if possible have someone join you!).  Otter is also a creature always up for a bit of adventure, letting curiosity direct them. They don’t worry about what’s left behind but rather look forward. This is a great lesson from Otter Spirit – you can’t embrace new things if you’re always clinging to what’s behind. This doesn’t mean that you just forget about difficulties, but rather find a way to smile and get a different perspective that may very well solve the whole shebang."

Astoria Healers Unite!


Creepy Beautiful is a new home for Gigi Moon Gems!  I am working closely with Aimee, the amazing owner of this adorable shop, to turn the back room in to a healing space that healers of Astoria, Oregon can rent and utilize to treat clients.  I will be available to see clients for crystal reiki therapy and will let everyone know how they can book with me, Aimee, and any of the other amazing healers we are attracting with our high vibes.  The center is on Pier 11, right on the water of the Columbia River!  The healing center won't open until June, but the boutique portion of the center opens THIS WEEKEND!  All of my one of a kinds are available, along with my essential oil crystal perfume blends and gemstone specimens.  I will work there on Fridays going forward and am available for personalized intuitive perfume blends and tarot card readings.

Aimee sells her vintage clothing, handmade macrame, jewelry, paintings, and more.  She is available to offer tarot card readings as well as curates a rotating art installation and more.  Creepy Beautiful is open this Saturday and Sunday for our soft opening, noon - 6pm.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updated hours and events!

Creepy Beautiful

80 11th St
Astoria, Oregon 97103

Have a happy, transformative, magical full moon!  I am off to the mountains of Central Washington to dig for Blue Agates this afternoon!  I cannot wait to re-connect to mother earth in this way.  Love and light to you all!


March 20th Full Super Moon / Spring Equinox 2019 March 20, 2019 14:12

Happy Full Super Moon in Libra!
The full moon peaks at 6:43 pm tonight and the Spring Equinox is at 2:58pm PTZ
It's finally spriiing!  The daffodils are blooming, the birds are singing and I am outside, blogging on my porch, enjoying the sunshine.  According to the Farmer's Almenac, " The last time the full Moon and the spring equinox coincided this closely (4 hours apart) was in March 2000, but the last time they occurred on the same date was on March 20, 1981!"
The Native Americans called this the Worm Moon as this was the time the earth thawed enough and worms would appear.  This full moon is in Libra and it's all about balance, both internal and within partnerships and relationships.  Here are what my favorite astrologers have to say about the energies of today's Super Moon.
For this lunar month's art, I chose Opal and Spider as my gemstone and spirit animal.  I have been seeing them every where and they have been appearing in serendipitous ways over the past few weeks.  I was so sure it was spider and had my mind and heart set on it.  I had completely finished the lunar artwork, which took about 2 hours, and then when I saved it, it locked up...Mercury Retrograde!   While I was waiting and waiting for it to save, a humming bird flew right in front of me, through the entire length of the porch and then out the other side!  I knew right then why I had lost the Spider Opal artwork.  I immediately restarted my program and began working on the hummingbird artwork.  It was somehow done in 30 minutes, the shortest it's ever taken me to create one of these photo collages.  It gave me no problems when I went to save it.  
So, let's see what Hummingbird has to tell us!

"The hummingbird generally symbolizes joy and playfulness, as well as adaptability."  They also symbolize, "Lightness of being, enjoyment of life, Being more present, Independence, Bringing playfulness and joy in your life, Lifting up negativity, Swiftness, ability to respond quickly, Resiliency, being able to travel great distances tirelessly."


"Hummingbird animal totem meaning is about energetic resources. These lovely creatures are a great reminder of how we expend our own energy. When hummingbirds show up in our lives, it’s a good time to take a look at our energy-stores and resources. hummingbirds warrant an honest look at how we are maintaining our vibrational frequencies. Are we frittering away our energy on needless issues (ie: worry, fear, lack)? Or, are we in a state of well-honed, regulated balance when it comes to our energy and resources?"


Opal in genreal is a stone of Inspiration, it ignites our inner fire and stimulates creativity.  A Heart and Crown Chakra stone, opal inspires hope and love and well as heightens the Intuition.  Opals, due to their rainbow flashes of color, actually balance all the chakras, connecting the lower with the higher chakras.  Because they are so porous, they take in negative energy and transmute it to positive evergy, making Opal a wonderful stone to combat depression.  Opal assists in times of transformation and rebirth and helps to better handle all of life's changes.  Opal is particularly helpful with changes that are good for the wearer.  Opal is a symbol of innocence and purity.  Opal helps to increase memory as well as enhances self esteem and self worth.  Opal has a strong soothing energy.  Despite historical rumors that opals are bad luck, they are in fact, one of the best stones to promote good luck!  Due to their connection to water, Opals are linked to the Moon's energies and are a wonderful stone to soothe emotions, especially for water signs.

Here are some of my newest pieces, made in the Spirit of Spring.  You'll find them in Gemstone Section of my website

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Full Super Snow Moon in Virgo February 2019 February 19, 2019 19:56

Happy Full Super Snow Moon in Virgo 
The full super moon in the Earth sign of Virgo peaked this morning, February 19th, at 7:54am PTZ.  We entered the watery sign of Pisces today as well.  The February full moon was traditionally called the Snow Moon by the Native Americans as February typically gets the most snowfall of all the months each year.  A super moon happens when the moon is closest to the earth.  This lunar month's Spirit Animal and Gemstone Art features Roly Poly and Pearl.  You can buy a 5x5 print.
"This Super Full Moon is also potent as it falls at zero degrees of Virgo. Zero is the number of potential and limitless opportunities. Zero is the blank canvas of all creation, signaling that this Full Moon is really going to offer infinite potential." 
"February’s Full Moon is going to help us realize our potential and also the potential around us, it is also going to open us, broaden our horizons, and encourage us to open our minds and hearts to something beyond our current reality."
To really benefit from the potency of this super full moon, try her Full Moon Ritual tonight.
Here's what my other favorite astrologers have to say about today's Super Full Moon:
Roly Poly, also known as Pill Bug, is my spirit animal choice for this Full Moon.  I should rather say that it chose me, as the one in the artwork literally walked acorss my jeweler's bench and cast its shadow on my hands while I was working on a project.  It's shadow made it look menacing and huge but when I looked up, it was just a little old Roly Poly.  I used to love playing with these harmless little "bugs" when I was a kid.  I would gently nudge them with a twig to make them roll up like an armadillo into a little ball of protective armour.  After such a serendipitous meeting in my new studio, I immediately researched Roly Poly spirit animal meaning online and learned that Roly Poly’s are not insects, but in fact, crustaceans, like crab, shrimp, barnacles, lobster and krill.  They are the only crustacean that lives on land.  
Roly Poly’s message is to go PLAY!  Reclaim your inner child. Live IN THE MOMENT!  We all must work but play is also a must for rejuvination, self love and emotional health.  Roly Poly asks us to balance both aspects of life.  Roly Poly reminds us to protect ourselves from those who don’t have our best interest in mind.  They remind us that we can have clear protective "armour" when we set clear boudaries.  The remind us to embrace who we are, to have self confidence and to stand in our power.
I chose pearl because it popped in my mind.  When I saw we were entering Pisces today, I felt like it was perfect.  Pearl symbolizes innocence, faith and purity.   It resonates with the sacral and heart chakras.  Pearls are known as the, "Stone of Sincerity", as they are a symbolic of truth and personal integrity.  They promote a happy marriage and family tradition. Pearls resonate with both the heart and sacral chakras.  They're wonderful tools to regulate female reproductive organs and combat the symptoms of PMS as they naturally connect our bodies with the rhythms of the tides and moon.  They help one to realize their true nature and to love themselves more.  They help bring happiness and uplift moods.  

These are 14.5 - 15.5 inches long and have extender chains making them adjustable.  They're handwrapped in copper or antique brass and are $67 each!  They're listed in the Gemstone Section.
Iolite, Green Chalcedony, Grey Labradorite, Citrine, Carnelian, Green Fluorite, Jasper, Black Onyx, Rose Quartz
I took the photos for these on Shipwreck Beach, some even on the wreckage of the Peter Iredale herself.  She crashed her in 1906 and her bones have remained.  Shipwreck Beach is a tourist attraction that draws people year round.  It's a 20 minute drive from my apartment and one of my favorite places in Oregon. 
New Chakra Gemstone Necklaces!
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Emerald, Peruvian Opal, Pyrite, Aquamarine, Carnelian, Unakite, Solar Quartz, Sardonyx, Tanzanite, Aqua Chalcedony, Pyrite, Red Jasper, Druzy Quartz, Rainbow Fluorite, Rutilated Quartz, Chrysophrase, Red Tiger's Eye, Phrenite
Straight from Tucson and available in your choice of Antique Brass or Antique Silver 16 inch chain.  There are 19 new offerings all listed in the Chakra Gemstone Section.  I took some of these product shots on a more recent shipwreck.  I'm not sure what it's story is, but I find it to be beautiful.  They don't call this area the Graveyard of the Pacific for no reason.  There are more shipwrecks here than any other part of the world.
Join me this Sunday in Portland at animal.plant.mineral. for a Maker Trunk Show.  I'll be popping up with two other artists and the whole store is full of hand crafted, mostly locally made items.
Stay tuned to my Instagram for new product uploads, more shipwreck photos and other PNW views.  Enjoy this Super Full Moon!  Love and Light to you all.

Full Wolf Blood Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse January 2019 January 20, 2019 13:58

Happy Full Wolf Blood Super Moon Total Lunar Eclipse!
This Full Moon is in Leo and peaks at 9:16pm PTZ.  The Total Lunar Eclipse peaks at 9:12pm PTZ tonight, almost the exact same time.  So set your intentions as this energy will be potent!  What awesome energy to start out this new year.  This Full Moon was traditionally called the "Wolf Moon" by the natives due to the cries of hungry wolves heard around this time of the year.  This one is a blood moon, and the moon will actually turn a blood red hugh during the eclipse.  This is partially why I chose to use Bloodstone for this month's Lunar Oracle art.  In addition to all of this celestial activity, today we also move out of Earthy Capricorn into Airy Aquarius.  There's a whole lot going on today!
Here's what my favorite astrologers have to say:
Here are a few articles on the Eclipse:
Bloodstone is the "Stone of the Spiritual Warrior", and it's extremely protective and healing. It encourages selflessness, generosity, idealism and upholding of justice.  Bloodstone also helps one to increase their spirituality and intuition.  It's extremely grounding and calming and is especially helpful for sensitive types and empaths.  Bloodstone is also known as a stone of noble sacrifice.  It inspires people to take the moral and right action.  In the middle ages, the red spots were thought to be the blood of Jesus Christ.  Warriors for centuries have carried Bloodstone into battle for protection.  It encouraged bravery and was used for its blood coagulation abilities to stop wounds from bleeding out on the battlefield.  Bloodstone inspires courage and boosts self esteem.  It's a great purifier and helps to heal both physical and emotional wounds. Bloodstone helps to regulate blood pressure and is great for the physical heart.   It helps to overcome addictions and patterns that are self destructive.  Bloodstone is used to purify and detoxify the body.  Its grounding energy helps clear away negativity.  Bloodstone is both a Root and Heart Chakra stone and works to connect the lower three Chakras with the Heart Chakra.  It heightens creativity and helps you to live in the present moment. Bloodstone helps to see situations clearly and to make better decisions.  It lessons anger and aggressiveness and provides a calming sense of peace and a message of love.
Wolf is a symbol of guardianship, freedom and loyalty.   Wolves must rely on quick instinct and sharp intuition to survive in the wild.  Wolf helps us tap into our own intuition to see through any veils of mistrust. Wolf helps one to overcome their fear of mistrusting others.  It helps us to set clearer boundaries for ourselves and protect our energy levels. Wolves work in packs and understand that healthy community is important for happiness and survival.  Wolf also understands the need to break free from the pack from time to time to regroup and work on our own spiritual and mental well being.  Call upon wolf when it's time to take peaceful action to stand up for what you believe in.
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I'm heading to the Tucson Gem Show January 30th - February 6th to stock up on gemstones for the year!   So, I'm having a sale!  I haven't offered this low of a discount in years and you have a whole week to shop.  Stay tuned to my Instagram and Facebook as I post new products every day!
Have fun howling at the moon tonight!!!  Love and Light!

Happy Halloween! Raven and Malachite Magic October 31, 2018 13:06

Happy Halloween!!
I created this Raven and Malachite Spirit Animal art for last week's Full Hunter Moon in Taurus / Scorpio.  I started it while on my recent trip to Kansas City and finished it on the plane ride home.  It seems so fitting to launch it today, as Raven is known to represent magic and to travel between both realms. On Halloween, the veil is the thinnest all year and Raven seems perfectly poised to transcend between both Heaven and Earth today.  
"When a Raven totem has flown into your life, it signifies that magic is at play. Raven ignites the energies of magic allowing it to become one with our intentions and will. Great changes can be achieved at this time and dreams can become a reality. The Raven will show you how to walk into the dark corners of your inner conflicts buried deep within, opening the doors to the deepest power of healing to be within our grasp."
Raven represents magic, healing, rebirth and renewal, transmutation, divination, and much more.
'Raven is assuring you of the impeding change. He brings with him the ability to bend time and space for the perfect moment at the right time. He signifies rebirth, renewal, reflection and healing. He helps the transitions and transformations move along smoothly by casting light into the darkness."
  Malachite is a great stone for both Scorpio and Taurus. Malachite is a stone of transformation and helpful when breaking old patterns. A very calming stone, it resonates with the heart and throat chakras. It inspires unconditional love and loyalty. Malachite inspires risk taking and promotes leadership. A very protective stone, it absorbs environmental pollutants and negative energy.   It helps to balance both the left and right sides of the brain.  Malachite is also one of the few stones that works to activate all 7 of the major Chakras.
I wish everyone a very safe and Happy Halloween!  
811 East Burnside #116
Portland, OR 97204
My first Trunk Show in Portland is this Friday, on Dia de los Muertos, at Redux Boutique!  I'm making new one of a kinds just for the event.  There will be a tarot card reader, artwork, shopping, snacks and cider.  There will be a public Day of the Dead altar that everyone is welcome to contribute to as well!

Full Harvest Moon in Aries September 24th 2018 September 25, 2018 16:22

Full Harvest Moon in Aries
This year's Harvest Moon, also known as the Corn Moon, was yesterday at 7:52pm PTZ in Aries, just two days after the Fall Equinox.  I chose Carnelian as it's a great stone for this fiery sign, and it's the Stone of Creativity.  I prospected this piece myself from a beach in Oregon, my very first Carnelian find!  It's facet grade, so I am keeping it for myself to cut into something sparkly to wear as a talisman of creativity.  Carnelian inspires action, ambition and drive.   It's a Sacral Chakra stone and promotes leadership and courage. It strengthens self esteem as well as boosts energy and motivation.  
I chose Blue Heron as I am fortunate enough to see them almost every single day living here in Astoria, OR.  Although they also live in the Midwest, I hardly recall seeing them until one literally flew in front of my car while driving through the Missouri countryside.  I decided then that they would be this month's Full Moon Spirit Animal.
According to, "If Heron has come wading across your path: 
It is time to look deeper into aspects of your  life that will bring out innate wisdom and show you how to become self-reliant. Are you grounding yourself regularly? Heron teaches that grounding yourself in the earth and your spiritual beliefs will help you discover emotional insights more clearly and more quickly.

Alternatively he could be teaching you how how to become comfortable in uncertain situations and to be watchful of opportunities to arise so that you can quickly grasp them and move on."

According to, Blue Heron represents the following: 

"Peace, Ability to Stand Alone, Uniqueness, Dignity, Call to Balance , Fluidity, Connection to the Blue Road, Independence, Boundaries, Self Esteem"

Here's what my favorite astrologers had to say about yesterday's full moon:
Jon me this Friday in Seattle at Dandelion Botanical Company.  I'll be  there from 10:30 - 7 selling my current stock of one of a kinds, chakra gemstone necklaces, traditional birthstone necklaces and more.  
5424 Ballard Ave., NW Suite 103
Seattle, WA 98107
I hope everyone enjoys the shadow of this full moon!  I hope it inspires you all to create something wonderful.
Love to you all!