Happy Full Flower Moon in Sagittarius June 5th, 2020 June 10, 2020 12:41

Happy Full Moon!
Cow and Fire Obsidian
The full moon peaked at 12:12pm PST on the evening of June 5th in the fire sign, Sagittarius.  It was also a lunar eclipse and the flames of rage and rebirth were fanning as protests were and still are turning into riots.  Sagittarius are born leaders who think for themselves, seek the truth, dispense brutal honesty and fight relentlesly for what they believe is righteous and just.  It's no wonder that the flames of rebirthing a new, more harmoneous world are rising and inspring many of us to get out and protest for what our souls know is true: We are all equal.  Period.
I was proud of my home town of less than 10,000 people for having quite a large turnout in peaceful protest of police brutality and racism in the wake of George Floyd's brutal murder.  My partner and I were there and the sense of love, peace and togetherness was overwhelming.  So were the responses of the passing by cars: some sent love and light though honking horns, showing peace signs, nodding heads, smiling. Some showed hate energy by shaking their heads, glaring our way, driving their big trucks by multiple times in menacing and intimidating ways.  This country's divide has never been more severe, and I know it's a scary and transformative time for us all.  I send love and light to George Floyd, his family and all black citizens of the world.  We see you, we love you, we know we must change our ways.  We are  changing our world for the better.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, the native tribes called the June full moon the strawberry moon because of the abundance of strawberries and other fruits ripening this time of year.  The wild strawberries, blackberries and salmonberries are just starting to pop here in Astoria, Oregon.  I look forward to foraging soon!
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Fire Obsidian is found in only one area in the world, Glass Butte in central Oregon.  It was formed when the area was covered in ocean and a volvanic eruption occured, forcing the Obsidian to form with layers of Magnetite as the magma cooled.  The pressure of the Ocean created this gem grade Obsidian that contains layers of rainbow flash.  The rainbow flash layer is made of tiny magnetite crystals that are as thin as a wavelenth of light.  I was so fortunate to get to meet one of the mine owners, Emory Coons, last weekend and mine this material myself.  My partner and I bumped into him while and he invited us to mine with him!   Check out his business page and buy cabochons and arrowheads from him!  We hope to take knapping and lapidary lessons from Emory in the near future.

Coons Lapidary and Magnetite

Fire Obsidian is a trumendously grounding and high vibrational stone that works with all Chakras.  It's properties are those of Obsidian and Magnetite.  Magnetite is actually magnetic, although Fire Obsidian is not because it contains such small amounts of Magnetite.   I never thought I would say this, but move over, Labradorite, Fire Obsidian is my new favorite stone!  

Magnetite is all about polarity, it attracts and repels your intentions, making it a great stone for manifestation.  It's very grounding and works with the Root Chakra, balancing the Root Chakra and keeps people from slipping into fear, anger and grief.  Magnetite increases energy levels and is a very positive stone. Magnetite aligns the chakras while worn or carried and helps create emotional balance.  Iy helps to balance the mental and emotional bodies so they work together in harmony.  Magnetite helps one to develop a more intimate understanding of their own intuitive language and therefore helps one to trust their intuition.  It's perfect for meditation as it helps ground one while also connecting to the higher chakras.  Magnetite increases telapathy, psychic abilities and clairvoyance.  Magnetite is wonderful to attract what you want in your life, especially love and loyalty.   It forms in black to grey colored octohedron shapes, which glow as rainbows inside Fire Obsidian.  

Obsidian is a volcanic gem grade glass that is trumendously grounding.  A Root Chakra stone, it's very protective and blocks one from psychic attack and other types of negative energies.  Its uplifting and positive energy helps to let go of all negativity, keeping bad thoughts at bay and replacing them with more kind, loving thoughts.  Obsidian is a powerful stone to assist in transformations, providing a calming energy through the changes.  It acts as a mirror, allowing one to see their true self and to live in acordance to ones truth.  It helps to increase self control and evolve on all levels.  Obsidian helps clarify thoughts and allows one to make better life choices.  It helps clear out past emotional traumas and acts as an energetic cleanse.  It helps to regain lost energy and helps stop energy leaks.  It's calming energies make it perfect to carry or wear every day and it enhances the properties of other stones.


Little Glass Butte, Oregon

Fire Obsidian Specimen we found on our trip.  This is one of the nicer specimens and we need to learn how to cut this stone before we tackle the "good stuff".

The Obsidian fields are home to cows who live and roam freely on the land, eating sage and grasses.  It was so fun seeing families roaming together, their little ones playing with each other in the fields.  One morning we awoke to the sounds of a family grazing right by our tent, it was wild!

According to spirit-animals.com, Cow asks us to, "Focus on the actions, behaviors, and choices that you know will feed your soul." "Cow symbolism is reminding you to tread lightly along your path. In this way, you will be able to leave others unharmed as you seek to reach your goal. Moreover, cow symbolism reminds you to make sure that your progress towards your goal protects the environment, its inhabitants, and the emotional balance of those around you. Thus this spirit animal reminds you to consider your next move carefully.

Alternatively, Cow’s meaning is reminding you that it is essential to give while you are receiving. By sharing your current wealth and abundance, you will make room for more of the same. When you connect yourself to the source energy of creation, you will experience abundance and fullness. In some cases, the Cow meaning symbolizes a deep connection with the Earth and the Earth’s creative and rejuvenating properties. Thus it can represent a period of magic and transformation."

According to, whatismyspiritanimal.com, "Because Cows provide us with food and milk, the symbolism of fertility and meeting material needs also applies. Deities with Cow associations like Nut act like a nursemaid to humankind, particularly mothers and children." "Cows are a lunar, divine feminine energy."

Cow has much to teach humanity right now.  I felt their greatness as we camped and mined in their fields.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Sagittarius!  

Love and light to everyone!