Happy Full Moon in Gemini November 30th, 2020 February 27, 2021 09:05

Happy Full Beaver Moon in Gemini Lunar Eclipse!
Swan and Moldavite
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The full beaver moon peaked at 1:30am PST, November 30th, in the air sign, Gemini.  According to the Farmer’s Almanac, the natives called this full moon the Beaver moon because,  
“This is the time of year when beavers begin to take shelter in their lodges, having laid up sufficient stores of food for the long winter ahead.”
Just like beavers, Scott and I spent our spring and summer months preparing to move into our new home in winter.  It’s so fitting that this full moon was in Gemini as this was the night we moved into our mobile home and studio.  We are both Geminis in search of adventure, gemstones, nature and we designed our rig to accommodate.  Scott hand built the inside, which includes a stove and oven, toilet and shower, living room, bed and vent fanned cat litter box.  We still have to build some cabinets and finish some staining and painting but Pearl is livable and our beloved new home!  Pegasus, our trailer, is our mobile jewelry and lapidary studio as well as some storage.  I will post more photos of the inside when it’s all done. 
Our bed is modular, it’s 3 panels held across 4 adjustable metal bars we got from IKEA.  Our mattress is 4 pieces that fit together as our couch when we put the bed away.  The boards mount on the wall when we’re not using the bed.  We ran out of wool insulation so the back doors are unfinished but will eventually have wood panels.
En route to Quartzsite, AZ, we did some exploring.  We visited the China Ranch Date Farm in Death Valley, CA.  They have century old trees and 9 different varieties of dates.  You can explore the orchards and their gift shop.  My favorite are their date shakes, cookies and muffins.  We stocked up!  

Scott took me to Hemenway Park in Boulder City, Nevada.  It was on our route and it’s known as a big horn sheep sanctuary.  They come down daily to graze and humans are instructed to leave them be and no feeding is allowed.  The sheep keep to themselves and people do park things, it’s pretty awesomely surreal.
We stopped by the Kingman Turquoise Mine Store to pick up some raw Turquoise chunks.  We met Josh, the third generation owner of the mine, while we were there.  His grandfather started the mine and his father works there as well.  
We bought a lot of gorgeous Turquoise chunks and Scott used our new trim saw to slice them into cabable pieces, called slabs.
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:
I chose Swan as this lunar month's spirit animal becuase we drove past a flock of about 40 swans on a journey through Oregon recently.  According to, www.spirit-animal.com, 
Swan symbolism heralds the development of our intuitive abilities and altered states of awareness. In other words, this spirit animal insists that we learn new ways of thinking, breathing, and going with the flow of life. This symbolism means new spiritual growth is on our horizon.” “Swan meaning also asks you to accept your ability to know what lies ahead. Therefore you should follow hunches and pay attention to your instincts. While doing this, you must also not forget to honor your feminine intuitive side.

Alternatively, Swan symbolism is reminding you of your inner grace and beauty. This poise is something that you must allow to shine forth for others to see.”

Moldavite is the most rare tektite known today and is considered to be an "extraterrestrial" stone.  It formed when a meteorite impacted the Earth 14.8 million years ago in what is now known as the Moldau Valley in Czechoslovakia.  It formed when the the outer surface of the meteorite melted upon entry through Earth's atmosphere and deposited into the ground upon impact.  It's rareness come from its green color, as most tektites range from black to brown in color.  
Moldavite is a very high vibrational stone used to assist one on their journey to self awareness and self improvement.  It is a stone of connectivity, as it contains both earthly and extraterrestrial energies.  Use it to connect to your higher self and to higher consciousness as well as to other dimensions.  Moldavite helps to aid in massive spiritual growth and awakening.  Moldavite also aids to relieve worries about money and the future.  It works with the Heart Chakra to promote healing and bring balance.  Moldavite balances and activates the Third Eye, Crown, and Soul Star Chakras. Moldavite makes the Heart Chakra open, which can cause intense reactions and emotional outbursts as well as physically affect the heart by increasing its pulse.  It releases trapped emotions and traumas from this life time and past life times.  Moldavite improves mental health, it protects from mental deterioration from aging, as well as increases memory retention.  and increases physical energy.  It is a stone of protection as well as a talisman of good luck.  Moldavite is said to bring wealth and good luck.

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I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Gemini!  

Love and light to everyone!