Happy Full Flower Moon Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius May 26, 2021 May 30, 2021 10:46

Happy Full Flower Moon!
Bighorn Sheep and Staurolite 
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The full flower moon peaked at 4:13am PST, May 26th, in the fire sign, Sagittarius.  According to the  Farmer’s Almanac, the native Americans called this the flower moon as everything starts to bloom at this time in the spring.
Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:
I chose Bighorn Sheep because we saw several while visiting Taos, New Mexico this May.  Here’s a photo from the Taos Gorge Bridge of a family of Bighorn Sheep playing alongside the Rio Grande River. 
We saw this beautiful Bighorn Sheep as we were driving down the Taos Mountian after an amazing hike.

According to www.spirit-animals.com, “Bighorn Sheep symbolism is a sign of vigour. When this spirit animal appears unexpectedly before you, it is a message that you have all the power needed to overcome the battles you are currently facing. Thus, this mammal asks you not to flee from a problem but to face it head-on. This animal also tells you to acknowledge the greatness that lies within you. Bighorn Sheep meaning is reminding you to hold yourself in high esteem and call the shots in your life.” “Bighorn Sheep symbolism advises you to adapt to challenging situations. The message this power animal brings to you is that ignoring the challenge of change will only deny you the chance to grow and reach your full potential in life.

Furthermore, Bighorn Sheep meaning reminds you to fight fiercely for what you believe. Your friends and family might not support you or believe in your dreams, but that shouldn’t stop you from chasing hard after them. Alternatively, Bighorn symbolism could be an indication that your loved ones now need your protection.”


According to, www.whatismyspiritanimal.com, “Horns play a big part of Sheep symbolism and meaning. Yes, a Ram’s horns are an effective and dangerous weapon. But a Ram’s horns grow into a spiral. The spiral is an ancient symbol of eternity. Spirals also represent the circular nature of life, death, and rebirth.

One often missed part of Sheep symbolism is their incredible balance and sure-footed nature. Bighorn Sheep only need a two-inch space to gain a foothold. This means Sheep can climb mountains using opportunistic ‘ledges’ that are easily missed by others or passed on by those who don’t have the courage to take the risk of falling. On those days when you think you just don’t know where to step, look for even the tiniest opportunity and make the leap.”


Staurolite is a very special stone to me personally.  It was the very first stone I ever mined and it changed me forever.  The first time I visited Taos, I learned about Staurolite through Hummingbird Bead, the first place I stopped in town.  The shopgirl told me about them when she learned my legal name is Garnet.  The Staurolite in Taos are encrusted in tiny round Garnets and she showed me some in the shop.  We exchanged information and she texted me the next day with an invitation to go mining with her boss, Scott.  He took us to his special spot and I birthed my first ever gemstone from the mountainside.  
It. Was. MAGICAL!!!!  
Which makes so much sense because Staurolite, also known as Fairy Cross, is pure magic.  I took Scott and our friend KV mining at that same spot I dug my first gemstone in 2013.  We found a Staurolite few arms and pieces with our friend, but no crosses.  It rained for two whole days while we visited, which is great for mining as it turns the Earth and reveals more rocks.  Scott and I went out immediately after the rain and were blessed with six perfect Fairy Crosses!  That’s the most I’ve ever found at once and I giggled like a child when I found each one.  Staurolites are elusive and mostly come as single arms or broken piece.  A double formation is rare, and a perfect 90 degree angle cross is even harder to find.  I gave Scott the biggest one and let KV pick out the one she wanted.  I kept one for myself and have carried it in my bra ever since the dig.

Our collective find of perfect 90 degree angle Staurolite crosses.

This is the Staurolite I kept.  I found it exactly like it appears in this photo.  It’s hard to spot them unless you know what you’re looking for and have a trained eye.

As we walked to our car after the dig, a beautiful rainbow appeared over Taos in the distance.  Magic!

Staurolite, also known as Fairy Cross, is pure magic! It’s a talisman of good luck.  Staurolite is a very grounding Earth Star Chakra and Root Chakra stone that connects us deeply to Gaia and to fairies and other beings in the natural world.  Staurolite is also a Third Eye Chakra stone that helps increase intuition.  It connects the spiritual, physical and etheric planes and improves communication between them.  Staurolite is excellent to use in mediation due to its grounding and protective nature.  It acts as a shield against negativity, accidents, psychic attack and disease.  Staurolite helps ease anxiety and stress and makes us feel safe and protected. A very grounding stone, it assists in ending destructive habits. It forces us to see what we need to change so we can better ourselves.  Staurolite stabilizes the emotions, and emits a protective energy, creating feelings of safety and security.  It promotes lucid dreaming and astral travel and is great to have on your night stand or under your pillow. 

We took our time getting to Taos from Arizona.  We found this adorable little Horny Toad in the Gila National Forest.

We hiked to the Gila Forest Cliff Dwellings which were constructed and inhabited by the Mogollon people.  They were hunters, gatherers and farmers who lived in the Cliff Dwellings between the late 1270s and 1300s.  We weren’t allowed inside the dwellings due to Covid but we enjoyed the beautiful views from outside.


We will definitely come back to do the inside tour once it re-opens.  This was one of the most amazing things I’ve seen all year!

We camped right by the shore of the Elephant Glass Butte Lake.  It’s just a few miles outside of Truth or Consequences and is the largest lake in New Mexico.  We paddle boarded, swam and relaxed for a few days.  We drove in to T or C to soak a few times at the Riverbend Hot Springs.  I highly recommend treating yourself to a private soak for an hour. 

You can pay for a camp site with a view up top or pay to camp along the lake.  There are over 500 spots all around the edge to choose from.  We ended up making some friends with our camp neighbors, Jasmine and Johnny.  On our last night, Scott treated us to a fire poi performance.  Jasmine French is an aspiring photographer who took these AMAZING photos of Scott in action.  She just bought herself a brand new Canon and judging by these photos, she’s already amazing! 



I saw Redrocks Amphitheater for the first time and walked all the way up and down the stairs.  We also did a hike up the mountainside.

We had a great time at the Aurora, Colorado Gem Show.  We will be back to vend next year.

For my birthday, Scott planned two whole days of adventures.  We soaked in the Glenwood Hot Springs, steamed in the Yampa Vapor Caves, saw a small private Dirtwire concert, rode the Gondola and visited two caves at the top of the mountain, which is also an amusement park.

Check out this gorgeous cave!  We explored both of the caves in a guided tour, which took about 11/2 hours total.  It was absolutely amazing!


On our way to Oregon, we stopped at the Shoshone Falls Park in Twin Falls, Idaho.  Breathtaking!

This was quite an amazing month of exploring, I feel so blessed.  I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon lunar eclipse in Sagittarius!  

Love and light to you all!