My name is Garnet Elizabeth Griebel, but many of my friends call me Gigi.  My father named me after a gemstone, and I have been making jewelry since I was 7 years old.  I handcraft custom pieces using gemstones, fossils and archaic finds.  My goal is to educate, to tell the story of the materials I use, whether its the healing property of the gemstones, the ancient history of a Roman coin or the story of a fossil.  I put positive energy into each creation I make, as I love people and believe in the healing power of gemstones.  I only use ethically sourced diamonds and rock hound some of the stones I use.  The healing powers of the crystals is a big focus in my work with an emphasis on the Chakra energy system.  In honor of the moon, I run my business according to her cycles.  Each year, I create a Moon Calendar and every month I create a full moon photo collage.  I launch new creations on or near the New Moon and throughout her cycles.
I spent most of my career in the Crossroads Arts District of Kansas City, MO where I had 4 public studios throughout my incarnation.  I now live in Astoria, Oregon, where I work from a home studio.  I sell online and at trunk shows and other events.  I've recently started to rock hound and cut my own gemstones here in the Pacific Northwest and expect this to become a big focus in my future work.  Follow me on Instagram to stay informed and to buy directly.
I am currently open for custom work inquiries.
Thank you for supporting my creations!
Photo Credit: Stephanie Summers