Shipping & Handling

I make each piece by hand per order.  So far, it's me and a production assistant one day a week.  Please understand that most of the time, I can make and mail the orders within a few days.  Aside from my online selling, I participate in many art and trunk shows that keep me out of my studio.  Many times I have high volume workloads due to other orders, sales or promotions.  I do my best to guarantee that your item will ship within 2 weeks of ordering.  

All items are shipped through the USPS First Class mail, which takes 1-3 business days, in a padded mailer envelope.  Please feel free to contact me to expedite your shipping.  It will be subject to an additional shipping fee depending on which shipping option you will go with.     


My packaging is currently undergoing a change.  I am currently seeking the best green packaging options.  For the time being, packaging will be a bit spontaneous.

How is Gigi Moon jewelry produced?

All Gigi Moon products are designed and made by me in my Kansas City, MO studio.  I currently have two part time production assistants who help out on some of the products as well.  Each items is made with love and light.  

What type of metal is used in Gigi Moon Jewelry?

The jewelry is made with a variety of metals: Sterling Silver, Copper, Rosegoldfill, Brass, Goldfill, Stainless Steel, Bronze and Aluminum.  Often times, there are multiple metals in one piece.  The metal is specified in the product description.

Why does my piece's stone differ from the photos on the website?

I love using raw, natural stones because each one is completely unique in shape, size, natural texture, inclusions and coloring.  Variation occurs because each one is different.  When I choose stones for my products, they usually come from small gemstone vendors I meet at various different Gem and Mineral Shows or at gemstone stores.  Often times, they only have a limited selection to offer of each stone.  I make sure to select ones that are as close as possible in shape, size and color from their offerings.  

Do you make custom orders?

Yes, depending on the project and time availability.  My custom order minimum is $500. I do not work with customer owned stones, but if you have a certain kind of stone in mind, I am happy to source one for a custom order.  My stone sourcing fee is $20.  I also have many beautiful stones in my collection for you to peruse from.  I can send photos and videos of the stones for long distance custom orders.

Returns and Exchanges

We accept returns of all new, un worn jewelry within 20 days of purchase. Items must be returned with original packaging in perfect condition. Items returned without original pouches, or jewelry boxes will be charged a restocking fee of $5. Returns and exchanges are subject to additional shipping fees. 


I guarantee the quality of my work. Any necessary repairs due to faulty craftsmanship are free.  Any repairs due to wear and tear before 5 years are free. Any repairs after 5 years or due to customer negligence or accidental breakage are subject to a small repair fee.  I do not repair jewelry made by other jewelers. 

Ring Resize

When ordering your ring, I strongly encourage having the exact size.  I understanf this isn't always possible and I am happy to resize your ring for $20 plus shipping. I only resize rings made in house and won't resize rings made by other jewelers.

Jewelry Care

Rosegoldfill and Goldfill will never tarnish and should not need any polishing.  Sterling Silver can be cleansed with a tarnish towel or over the counter silver cleaners. Some of these contain harsh materials, however.  I recommend using natural cleansers like ketchup and lemon juice.  I also recommend this for brass and copper.  Simply use one or the other (no need to combine the two) and apply to a cotton ball and gently wipe the surface of the metal.  This is also less harsh on stones, although I recommend avoiding touching the stones with harsh cleansing materials as much as possible.