Full Hunter's Moon in Aries, October 13th 2019 November 14, 2019 14:01

Happy Full Moon!
I met this donkey in person while on the road selling gemstones with my new side job with Avian Oasis.  This donkey is one of the many pets of the owner and he keeps them around to keep the coyotes away.  I had no idea they were so protective!  According to, whatsmyspiritanimal.com

"Donkey as a Spirit Animal may saunter into your life when you have taken on too much responsibility. This animal ally naturally wants to help, but when you put too much on their backs they will fail physically. In human terms this also translates to emotional and spiritual damage. Learning to say no is an art form that honors your sacred self.

On the flip side, Donkey may be challenging you to become more responsible to yourself, others and/or a specific situation. If you’ve been shirking, Donkey will be happy to give you a push. Anyone who has been on the receiving end of a Donkey kick knows full well that this Spirit Animal is strong and well-aimed.

Donkey Spirit may also bray at your side with words of warning. Donkey sees and senses danger. You need to stop, reassess your surroundings and reconsider before taking any further action. No need to run head-long into trouble. Tune in those instincts and trust yourself more.

Despite what many people think, Donkey is smart. He loves to learn and may become a guide to students, particularly younger ones whose playful spirit attracts him. Here Donkey has come offering confidence, determination and focus.

Because of Donkey’s association with Dionysus, this Spirit Animal may be hinting at the need to get more in touch with your sexual, sensual self. Are you too withdrawn? Or, perhaps too overbearing? Donkey helps you sort out that push-pull in your own self-awareness.

There are a few other messages Donkey Spirit may have for you. First, are you giving too much stock to other people’s opinions about yourself, rather than how YOU feel? Are you letting people make your choices for you instead of trusting that you are doing the right thing? Is there a situation in which your helpful nature is being misused? These are the questions this creature and helpmate challenges us with so that we can make positive changes."

Green Fluorite harmonizes and recharges the chakras, as well as cleanses and stabilizes the aura. It helps release emotional trauma and absorbs and dissolves negative energy and stress. Green Fluorite is a great stone for learning as it increases our powers of concentration. A happy stone, Green Fluorite brings positive energy to the wearer.