Happy Full Corn Moon in Pisces, September 1st 2020 September 1, 2020 19:11 6 Comments

Happy Full Moon!
Dolphin and Black Tourmaline
The full moon will peak at 10:23pm PST tonight, September 1st, in the water sign, Pisces.  Depending on where you are in the world, the full moon may peak tomorrow for you.  Here's a link to www.foreverconscious.com's Pisces Full Moon Ritual.
According to the Old Farmer's Almenac, this moon is named because it happens around the same time of the year as the corn harvest.  "The full Moon that happens nearest to the autumnal equinos (September 22 or 23) always takes on the name “Harvest Moon” instead of a traditional name—a rule that often places the Harvest Moon in the month of September. However, when September’s full Moon occurs early in the month, the full Moon of early October lands nearest to the autumnal equinox and therefore takes on the Harvest Moon title instead. 

That’s the case in 2020, when October will experience two full Moons: one on October 1 (the Harvest Moon) and the other on the 31st (the Hunter’s Moon and a  Blue Moon, too)!"

Here's what my favorite astrologists have to say about this full moon:

Black Tourmaline is a talisman of protection.  It acts as a psychic mirror, deflecting negative energies and entities.  It protects against emotional vampires, a perfect stone for empaths.  It also guards against EMFs, radiation and pollutants.  Black Tourmaline helps to turn one’s own negative thoughts and internal conflicts into positive energy.  Black Tourmaline is both an Earth and Root Chakra stone.  Black tourmaline is a great stone to use for healing work as it realigns the chakras from crown to root.  Also known as "Schorl", it's an incredibly powerful stone of protection.  It wards off negative energy, psychic attacks, emotional vampires, curses, ghosts and ill wishes.  A great stone for empaths, it helps protect you from other peoples' energies and emotions so the empath doesn't take them on as their own.  Ancient magicians believed that Black Tourmaline would protect them from “earth demons” as they cast their spells.  Black Tourmaline balances the left and right brain hemispheres and helps turn negative thoughts into positive ones.  It also repels against electromagnetic energies from electronics and computers as well as radiation and pollution.  A very grounding stone, it eases anxiety and stress as well as alleviates panic attacks.  It must be cleansed often.

According to, www.spirit-animals.com, "In general, Dolphin symbolism is a reminder that you need to get out with your peers and family and play. In other words, most of us, as adults, take our responsibilities very seriously and end up focusing on our work and families. Therefore, the Dolphin meaning is letting you know that you have to take time out and play. After all, this spirit animal insists that laughter, joy, movement, and engaging your mind on fun is the best way to relieve stress and regroup.

Alternatively, Dolphin symbolism is prompting you to balance and harmonize your environment. In this case, one of the best ways that you can do this is by practicing love for each other. To clarify, find ways that you can help the young, the sick, by providing guidance, healing, and companionship. In other words, join a peaceful community today and celebrate how much we are all alike, instead of focusing on our differences."  

Dolphin also represents,

"Balance, Community, Contentment, Creativity, Curiosity, Friendship, Generosity, Gentleness, Grace, Harmony, Intelligence, Language, Letting Go, Newness, Playfulness, Power, Resurrection, Rhythm, Sexuality, Transcendence." 

Gemstone Stacker Rings!


These rings are sterling silver with handcut gemstones from the estate we bought in Quartzite, AZ this January.  These gemstones were hand cut in the 1980's and you cannot beat the color and quality.  We have multiples of each stone so I am creating a Stacker Series, starting with these 9 rings!  Each one has a drop down menu so you can choose your size, including half sizes!  I went a little nuts and made 3 Sapphire rings because it's the September birthstone and I wanted to have options.  I'll add to the series along the way, and I'll be certain to let everyone know when new Gemstone Stacker Babies are available.

Sapphire 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $90

Rhodolite Garnet 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $45

Green Tourmaline 2mm Round Prong Set Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

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Peridot 3mm Round Sterling Silver Stacker Ring $40

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New Faceted Free Form Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklaces!

 Join me Thursday, September 10th, at 3pm PST for a Live Stream Sale!  I'm moving in to a van and I'm downsizing my life, including my amazing personal gemstone collection.  I want to give you all first pic of the litter, including this huge and AMAZING Green Fluorite crystal.  I will be selling it for $200, which is just above wholesale price.  I will have crystals large and small starting at $10, all of which have been amazing healing tools that I am ready to send off to new homes.  They have all been charged and cleansed on this evenings full moon.


Charoite Drop Sterling Silver Necklace $42

Faceted Amazonite Arrow Sterling Silver Necklace $44

Iolite Faceted Crest Necklace $42


K2 Stone Faceted Elongated Drop Necklace $40


Sunstone in Peach Moonstone Faceted Fan Necklace, $50

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 Join us for Second Saturday Art Walk at West Coast Artisans!  We will be out of town this coming weekend minig Polka Dot Agate but all of our jewelry will be there.  Our friend and gallery mate, Janet, will be there to assist you!

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I hope everyone enjoyed this full moon in Pisces!  

Love and light to everyone!