Pearl Necklace

$ 25.00

The Baroque Pearl Necklace features a gorgeous freshwater Pearl top drilled like a briolette. It suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a spring clasp and closure.

Pearl symbolizes innocence, faith and purity.  It resonates with the sakral and heart chakras. Pearl is known as the "Stone of Sincerity", as it's symbolic of truth and personal integrity. Pearl promotes a happy relationship, marriage and family tradition.  It helps help one to realize their true nature and to love themselves more. Pearl helps bring happiness and uplifts moods.





























The necklace comes in a specialized box featuring a vintage scientific illustration of the The inside of  































































































































































































































































Pearls symbolize innocence, faith and purity. They resonate with the sacral and heart chakras. Pearls are known as a "Stone of Sincerity", as they are a symbolic of truth and personal integrity. Pearls promote a happy marriage and family tradition. They're wonderful tools to regulate female reproductive organs and combat the symptoms of PMS as they naturally connect our bodies with the rhythms of the tides and moon. Pearl powder has long been used as a beautification remedy. In fact, pearls have long been used in ancient Asian cultures to prevent skin from sun damage and aging.

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