Blue Lace Agate Drop Necklace

$ 25.00

The Blue Lace Agate Drop Necklace is 16 inches long.  The Blue Lace Agate drop is microfacted, adding sparkle to the already gorgous blue white banded pattern of the stone. The drop is 8mm long and 4mm at its widest point.  The chain is sterling silver with matching spring clasp and closure.

I am a Gemini and I wanted to make something extra special for us!  Gemini starts on May 21st and goes through June 20th.  All Agate is good for Gemini, as it's a grounding, calming stone.  We need something to help us as we're always wrapped up in our racing mercery quick thoughts.  I personally like Blue Lace Agate in particular for Gemini because it aids in communication.  It helps us to take those racing thoughts and turn them in to easily understandable words and expressions.  It brings the right words to help successfully express emotions or thoughts with out anger.  It's a Throat Chakra stone that assists us to speak from truth.  It helps us to be honest and open with ourselves and others.  It provides a calming energy and alleviates nervousness.  It's said to help with thyroid issues. Blue Lace Agate provides inspiration and hope.  It's perfect for Geminis, but also wonderful for anyone who needs this stone's particular healing abilites.

Model: Jenna Nicole Hammond


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