Brazilian Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Diamond 14k Gold Necklace

$ 700.00

The Brazilian Watermelon Tourmaline Slice Diamond 14k Necklace is a one of a kind.  The Watermelon Tourmaline can be worn either way, as both sides are slightly different and equally beautiful.  The gemstone slice is 13mm tall x 13mm wide x 2mm thick.  It's wire wrapped onto curb chain with 34 natural faceted Diamond cube beads.  This heirloom necklace weighs 1.70 grams total.

Watermelon Tourmaline is the ultimate Heart Chakra stone as it has both its associated colors, pink and green.  A balancing stone, the pink represents feminie energy, the green represents masculine energy, the Yin and the Yang, as well as the left and right hemispheres of the brain.  Watermelon Tourmaline helps to overcome personal insecurities, calms emotions and aids in combatting depression.  It helps to mend emotional wounds by allowing the wearer to see the "Hawk's Perspective" and understand the bigger picture of the situation that has caused the pain.  It can help to overcome behaviors that are unhealthy and create solutions that are more positive and will lead to a better life.  Watermelon Tourmaline is said to awaken or attract love. Watermelon Tourmaline increases creativity.  Due to it's duaity and ability to calm, it's an excellent stone for Gemini.

Diamond will amplify thoughts and feelings, and increase the positivity of the wearer's energy field, which in turn attracts positive opportunities and positive people. It's important to avoid negative thoughts while wearing diamonds. They are a stone of courage, and a master healer of the mind and body. Diamonds counteract jealousy and symbolize wisdom and enlightenment. They create a sense of positive self value and are great stones for anyone going through an identity crisis. Like clear quartz, diamonds amplify the properties of other stones.

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