Rainbow Fluorite Briolette Necklace Heart, Throat, Third Eye & Crown Chakra

$ 25.00

A gorgeous faceted Rainbow Fluorite suspends from 16 inches of chain.   The Rainbow Fluorite featured in this photo is 12mm long by 10mm wide and 6mm thick.  Each Rainbow Fluorite is hand carved into a similar shape and size.  Each is unique and beautiful in every way and comes with your choice of antique brass or antique silver chain with lobster clasp and closure.   Please note that your Rainbow Fluorite will be chosen at random for you and that it will be equally gorgeous to the one in the photo.   This is a limited edition item.

Rainbow Fluorite works with the Heart, Throat, Third Eye and Crown Chakras.  It works to cleanse all Chakras and stabilizes the aura.  It occurs with bands of blue, green, teal, purple and clear which gives it its name, Rainbow Fluorite.  Is an extremely protective stone with stabilizing energy that’s ideal for grounding.  Rainbow Fluorite protects from psychic manipulation.  It has an uplifting, calming and harmonizing spiritual energy.  Rainbow Fluorite opens the mind to universal consciousness and increases intuition.  It strengthens the mind, helping to process thoughts and better organize information.  Rainbow Fluorite helps one to speak their ideas clearly.  It provides mental clarity and stability.  Rainbow Fluorite absorbs negative energy from the environment and should be cleansed often for this reason.  It can be used to reveal suppressed emotions.  Rainbow Fluorite helps to balance the emotions and gives self confidence.  It can assist one to facilitate major life changes.

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