Picture Jasper Faceted Briolette Necklace Root & Third Eye Chakras

$ 25.00

A gorgeous faceted Picture Jasper suspends from 16 inches of sterling silver chain with sprong clasp and closure.  Each Picture Jasper is hand carved into a similar shape and size but each is unique.

Picture Jasper is a Root and Third Eye Chakra stone that has beautiful layers of color banding that create “landscape scenes”.   It’s extremely connected to the spirit of Gaia and is said to hold hidden insights from the past. Picture Jasper can be used in meditation to access past lives and to peak into images of past civilizations and times on this planet.  All jaspers promote brotherhood and sisterhood and working together but Picture Jasper is the most potent for this purpose.  It’s known as the Stone of Global Awareness and promotes living in harmony with each other and with Mother Earth.  Picture Jasper asks us to be conscience of how we interact with our planet. It is very protective, especially during astral traveling and during shamanic journeys.  Picture Jasper is a wonderful stone to use for meditation.  It reminds us to serve our fellow man and to bring joy to the world.   Picture Jasper is an incredibly nurturing stone that comforts and brings harmonious energy.  It helps to bring one’s buried emotions to the forefront for examination and release.  It alleviates fear and helps one to trust and flow with life.  Picture Jasper inspires creativity and is said to bring success to business ventures.



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