Green Chalcedony Faceted Briolette Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 30.00

The Green Chalcedony Faceted Briolette Sterling Silver Necklace features a carved genuine gemstone. The Green Chalcedony suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a fancy lobster clasp closure. Please note each Green Chalcedony is similar in size and shape to the photo but unique in inclusions. 

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Green Chalcedony is a Heart Chakra Stone which inspires benevolence and giving. Its energy is very nurturing and calming. Green Chalcedony inspires courage to be yourself and increases originality. It inspires creative ideas and projects. It strengthens the mind and helps maintain positive thoughts. Green Chalcedony helps not to overreact to stress. It absorbs negative energy and channels it into positive energy. Green Chalcedony brings the mind, body, and soul into alignment and helps create a balanced life. Green Chalcedony creates a peaceful feeling of harmony in any environment.. It helps with mental and emotional balance as well as enhances group stability. Green Chalcedony is a great stone for those in relationships to help see both sides and to come from the heart. It's helpful for anyone trying to seek or strengthen an emotional connection with others. A protective stone, it enhances insight and helps to see through to the truth of a situation. It protects the heart from negativity and bad intentions of others. Green Chalcedony calms the emotions and mind. It's a very nurturing stone and it encourages mental stability. Green Chalcedony inspires courage and strengthens the soul. It helps evoke new ideas and inspiration. Green Chalcedony promotes goodwill, peace and brotherhood. 

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