Pink Chalcedony Y Necklace

$ 57.00

The Pink Chalcedony Y Necklace features a stunninly faceted pear shaped gemstone set in sterling silver nouveau bezel.  The sides of the bezel are tiny heart shapes hugging the stone.  Both the front and back are prong set and each side has a luscious and ornate look.  The pendant is 19mm long by 12mm wide and 5mm thick.  The perndant suspends from an inch and a half of chain which creates the srem of the "Y".  It suspends from 15 inches of antique silver chain creating the top of the "Y". An antique silver lobster clasp and closure complete the necklace.

Pink Chalcedony is an extremely nurturing stone.  It's a stone of optimism and joy and promotes good will and kindness.  Pink chalcedony brings mind, body and spirint into alignment.  It helps to gain inner peace and inspires empathy  Pink Chalcedony promotes self love.  It absorbs negative energy and dissipates it, making it a great stone to combat depression.  It's an ideal stone for new mothers to help with post partom depression. Pink Chalcedony boosts the immune system.  

Model: Nanci Lee

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