Phrenite Faceted Hexagon Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 33.00

The Phrenite Faceted Hexagon Sterling Silver Necklace features a carved genuine gemstone. The Phrenite suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a spring clasp and closure. Please note each Phrenite is similar in size and shape to the photo but unique in inclusions.

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Phrenite is a Heart and Sacral Chakra Stone and is said to bring unconditional love. It helps one to love fully from the heart. Phrenite is a soothing stone and it will calm and protect its entire surrounding environment. It’s protective of nature and shows us how to be in harmony with Mother Nature and the elements. Phrenite is said to be the healing stone for healers. It’s gentle energy works well with those who are extremely sensitive in nature. Phrenite evokes truthfulness and sincerity. It increases intuition and helps promote dreaming and dream recall.  Phrenite increases precognition and increases spiritual awareness and connectivity. It’s known as a stone of magic. It’s a stone that helps one to be more prepared. Phrenite protects from nightmares and phobias and helps to identify the root of the fear.

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