Rainbow Obsidian Sterling Silver Neckla e

$ 20.00 $ 25.00

The Rainbow Obsidian Sterling Silver Necklace features a faceted natural gemstone.  It suspends from 16 inches if Sterling silver cable chain with spring clasp and closure.  Please note each Rainbow Obsidian is unique, some glow green and others glow purple in the light.

Rainbow Obsidian is a Root Chakra stone, very grounding and Centering. It protects one energetically from emotional and psychic harm and acts as a shield to block negativity. Rainbow Obsidian blocks ones own negative thoughts and protects against depression. It’s protection is especially helpful to overly sensitive people. Rainbow Obsidian increases clairvoyance and strengthens intuition. Meditating with this stone helps bring unresolved past issues to the surface for introspection and healing. It helps one to see their flaws and see what changes to make. Rainbow Obsidian helps increase self esteem. It’s known to be a stone of pleasure and is said to enhance enjoyment. Rainbow Obsidian brings light and love into ones life.

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