Seraphanite Faceted Shield Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 50.00

The Seraphanite Faceted Shield Sterling Silver Necklace features a carved genuine gemstone. The Aquamarine suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a spring clasp and closure. Please note each Aquamarine is similar in size and shape to the photo but unique in inclusions.

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Seraphanite is a high vibrational Heart Chakra stone that also works to activate and balance all the chakras. It aligns the soul body and helps open the Kundalini energy within. Seraphanite is extremely potent for communicating with the spiritual rhealm. Like all high vibrational stones, it's here to connect us to our angels and spirit guides, It increases spirituality, awareness and enlightenment. Seraphanite opens one up to the energies of the Divine Feminine, allowing a more gentle outlook on life. It promotes living from the heart and inspires a more joyful daily mindset. It's a stone for self healing, and dissipates old negative feelings from the energy body. It removes negative mind chatter and repairs bad patterns instilled from childhood. Seraphanite helps to overcome bad patterns or tendencies in general. It replaces them with healthier, more productive patterns and tendencies.  Seraphinite is a great stone for communication on this plane as well. It improves social skills and helps to deal with conflict in a constructive way. It helps bring balance and harmony to relationships. Seraphanite is very useful in cutting cords from relationships that no longer serve your higher good.


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