Tanzanite Portrait Cut Sterling Silver Necklace

$ 33.00

The Tanzanite Portrait Cut Sterling Silver Necklace features a carved genuine gemstone. The Tanzanite suspends on 16 inches of sterling silver chain with a fancy lobster clasp closure. Please note each Tanzanite is similar in size and shape to the photo but unique in inclusions. 

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Tanzanite, also known as Lavender Zoisite, is found only in one place in the world, Tanzania, Africa. Tanzanite is a high vibrational stone, and primarily a Third Eye Chakra Stone. It connects with the Heart and Throat Chakras as well and helps to facilitate communication between them. Tanzanite relieves stress and has a very harmonious energy. Tanzanite is a good stone for workaholics, as it will help the over extended wearer to slow down and take things at a more manageable and balanced pace. It combats depression and transmutes negative energy. It's incredibly helpful for spiritual awakening to ones purpose.  

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