February Cold Full Moon Lunar Eclipse: Humans Are Waking Up February 10, 2017 17:58

The Februaruy 10th Full Snow Moon in Leo is also a penumbral (or partial) Lunar Eclipse. Eclipses help to bring about needed transformations, often times ones we aren't even aware we need. If you are not on the right path, they will shake things up and catapult you where you need to be.
Furthermore, there are 5 heavenly bodies, Moon, Uranus, Jupiter, Saturn & Sun, creating a pentagram with today's full moon lunar eclipse.

The Pentagram's 5 star points represent the soul and the 4 elements; Earth, Air, Fire and Water. The number 5 has always been regarded as a magical number. The number 5, which is associated with Mars, represents harmony through conflict. This gives me great hope that although these times are truly trying due to our current President's message of hate, we can take solace in the fact that there is a silver lining. With all the veils lifted, we see the truth of the situation and many of us are waking up! We are actually beginning to vibrate at a higher, more spiritual level. The vibration of planet Earth has more than doubled since 2014 and she calls for us to increase our vibration, too. 
For the First Time In History, Humans are Waking Up

The 5th Dimension governs creativity and we are really being called to use our creative gifts to help usher in the Age of Aquarius. Make no mistake, we are the Light Workers brought here to usher it in. Remember that the Universal language IS love, and that love WILL Trump hate. So many of us are full of fear and anxiety but trust that it had to get this bad to get better.  We've hit rock bottom and there's no place else to go but up. 

If you are on the right path, you will experience increased moments of synchronicity and will see 11:11's, 2:22's, 3:33's and so on when you look at the clock. You might think of a song and it suddenly comes on the radio or think of a friend and then they immediately text or call you. These are not coincidences, they are signs that you are heading in the right direction. When you are on the right path, you can listen to the Universe's guidance and trust the direction you are heading. So if you are experiencing abrupt changes that seem to be turning your world upside down, you can trust that these changes are necessary to get you back on your divine path.

We were all born with gifts and a life purpose and it is our duty to utilize these gifts. We are not all meant to work in corporate cubicles looking at screens all day. If you have a creative gift and aren't using it, this is a recipe for depression. Don't take antidepressants, take some time to sit with yourself and really discover your gifts and your path. Get out in Nature, ask your Higher Self (your soul) and your spirit guides for help in this quest. We are meant to be happy, we are brought here to fulfill our destiny and dreams. Imagine a world where everyone was living in their highest truth and fulfilling their destiny! There would be no war, no racism, no sexism, no hate. We would live in perfect harmony. That's the exact energy this Eclipse is bringing, love and light and harmony. We are now in the beginning of the Age of Aquarius which is bringing in a golden age where we do all live in our truths.

So take time and reflect upon your current life path. If you are not happy, take that leap of faith and persue your dreams. The higher the leap and the smaller the safety net, the bigger the Universe rewards us. I used to work as an Account Administrator at a commercial insurance agency for over 5 years right after I graduated college.  I sort of fell into the job through a temp agency.  I hated it! I remember the day I walked into my boss' office mid-December of 2008 and gave my 2 weeks notice to start perusing my jewelry career. The look on my boss' face was priceless when I told him, "no amount of money is enough to make me stay here, I'm meant to make jewelry." I have been a jeweler ever since.   I have had to work harder at jewelry design than anything else in my life but it's what I love to do. If we have to work 40 hours a week, we may as well do what we love and are guided to do!  We deserve to, it is why We are here. 
I recommend Labradorite to help with this Eclipse energy. Labradorite eases anxiety and helps assist us through transitions, especially ones that are good for us. So arm yourself with Labradorite, TRUST the Universe and go take that leap of faith towards your dreams! Hold love and light in your hearts and make sure to lead by example as we evolve into this Golden Age of Aquarius.
Remember we have power in numbers to spread the love and light!