April 19th Full Pink Moon in Libra 2019 April 19, 2019 13:05

Happy Full Moon in Libra!
This Full Moon's Gemstone Spirit Animal Oracle Art features Otters and Ruby.  Otters are my absolute favorite and I've been thinking about rubies for days, so they both seem appropriate for this Full Pink Moon in Libra.  Rubies come in shades of pink and red, and in some rare cases, form with triangular record keeper etchings like the one featured.  According to the Farmer's Almenac, The Native American's called this the Pink Moon because the spring pink phlox bloomed and blanketed the fields in a canopy of blooms.  This full moon highlights balance in relationships, both romantic and platonic, and many truths will come to light to be addressed.  Some relationships will be strengthened and some will be released.  Ruby is a fantastic stone for strenghtening relationships.  This full moon highlights imbalances in our lives as well, forcing us to rethink our old ways of responding and reacting, and making us look at our bad habits and beliefs in order to transform them.  Here's what my favorite intuitives and astrologers have to say about the energies of today's Full Moon.

Ruby is known as the Stone of Nobility as it promotes power and leadership as well as aids in obtaining wealth.  Not only material wealth, Ruby also helps us to identify and obtain our ultimate values in life.  Ruby is said to help stabalize finances and bring abundance.  A Root Chakra stone, Ruby inspires courage and confidence as well as self esteem.  It has an intense and vivacious energy that ignites passion and enthusiasm.  Ruby is said to bring a spark of inner light to one’s life.  It promotes prosperity and joy and encourages us to follow our bliss.  It protects against depression and unhappiness.  It also inspires romance and is said to promote integrity and devotion to ones partner.  Ruby eleviates guilt and feelings of sadness.  Ruby helps increase intuition, promotes lucid dreaming and protects from nightmares.   It helps to stay clear headed and focused.  Ruby helps in decision making by helping us to recognize all our options.  Ruby helps show us how our thoughts affect our reality.  It promotes creativity and assists in manifestation.  Ruby deepens a couple’s relationship, encouraging closeness and commitment.

A record keeper is the name for a crystal with a trigonal crystal structure, or triangles, that appear to be “etched” as growths or indentations onto the surface of the stone.  Often times, there are many triangle shapes etched within other triangle shapes, creating a lattice patterning of triangles.  

They’re said to hold the energetic imprint and ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Universe and past civilizations here on Earth. Many believe that they were programmed by past civilizations, like Atlantis and Lemuria.  They act as keys to unlock information about past lives.  They were believed to be formed during the Ice Age through air bubbles that froze over time.  Record keepers are exceptional tools to use in mediation.  Ask your record keeper questions and to show you its stored knowledge.  Record keepers provide a sense of deep peace and universal understanding.

According to,  spirit-animals.com, Otter's messge is, "It's time to let go of control and surrender to the moment. Allowing the universe to move in its own way will often manifest your dreams beyond your wildest expectations."

Otter gives us, "the knowledge that you have to take care of yourself first to be of use to others. Therefore you need to go with the natural flow, and the ebbs and tides of your life. Only then you can find joy and wonder in the small things that give you pleasure as an adult, and that gave you pleasure as a child."

Although Sea Otters don't mate for life, the River Otters used in my lunar artwork this month do.  Regardless of monogomy, all Otter couples and family members hold hands while they're sleeping so that they won't drift apart.  Otters are also known to keep the same "pet rock" for their entire lifes, tucking it inside their armpit folds for safe keeping.  They pariodically play with the rock, bouncing it from paw to paw across their chest.  Although no one knows for sure why they do this, I like to think it's their way of kicking back and letting go with the flow.  Otters are known for being playful, energetic creatures.  They work hard but also make sure to take time out to play with their loved ones and favorite rock. 

Adorable Video of Otter Playing with Pet Rock

According to, WhatIsMySpiritAnimal.com

"The connection with living moving water gives Otter the meaning of an awareness of the subconscious, emotions and psychism. Observing Otter it becomes very apparent that these creatures see life as a true playground to be filled with family and friends. Very often Otter shows up in people’s lives when they’ve become too serious, over-think things and lose sight of their inner child. One of Otter’s mottos is: play as if no one is looking (and if possible have someone join you!).  Otter is also a creature always up for a bit of adventure, letting curiosity direct them. They don’t worry about what’s left behind but rather look forward. This is a great lesson from Otter Spirit – you can’t embrace new things if you’re always clinging to what’s behind. This doesn’t mean that you just forget about difficulties, but rather find a way to smile and get a different perspective that may very well solve the whole shebang."

Astoria Healers Unite!


Creepy Beautiful is a new home for Gigi Moon Gems!  I am working closely with Aimee, the amazing owner of this adorable shop, to turn the back room in to a healing space that healers of Astoria, Oregon can rent and utilize to treat clients.  I will be available to see clients for crystal reiki therapy and will let everyone know how they can book with me, Aimee, and any of the other amazing healers we are attracting with our high vibes.  The center is on Pier 11, right on the water of the Columbia River!  The healing center won't open until June, but the boutique portion of the center opens THIS WEEKEND!  All of my one of a kinds are available, along with my essential oil crystal perfume blends and gemstone specimens.  I will work there on Fridays going forward and am available for personalized intuitive perfume blends and tarot card readings.

Aimee sells her vintage clothing, handmade macrame, jewelry, paintings, and more.  She is available to offer tarot card readings as well as curates a rotating art installation and more.  Creepy Beautiful is open this Saturday and Sunday for our soft opening, noon - 6pm.  Stay tuned to our Facebook Page for updated hours and events!

Creepy Beautiful

80 11th St
Astoria, Oregon 97103

Have a happy, transformative, magical full moon!  I am off to the mountains of Central Washington to dig for Blue Agates this afternoon!  I cannot wait to re-connect to mother earth in this way.  Love and light to you all!