Full Hunter's Moon Farewells October 15, 2016 07:48

Traditionally, the full moon in October was called the Hunter's Moon because it marked the time for the Native Americans to go hunting to stock up for the winter's months.  In Kansas City, the full moon actually takes place tonight, at 11:25 pm Central Time Zone, but most of the world will celebrate the full moon tomorrow.  While some are also calling it a "Super Moon", it's actually more of a "Mega Moon" as it takes place when the moon is at its closest point to Earth in its 27-day lunar orbit.  A "Super Moon" refers to the moon that is closest to the Earth in it's 365 day lunar orbit.  
Full Moon Farewells
Going forward, each Full Moon I will announce any close out items as well as offer discounts.  Most of these discounts will be applicable to particular items or series of items.  But, because this is one of the first Full Moon Farewells, I would like to celebrate and offer a website wide discount!  Also, since this particular full moon falls on two days, this is a 2 day sale!
Saturday 15th - Sunday 16th
30% off Sale
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Full Hunters Moon
There are only 5 left of these stackable sterling silver rings.  With 30% off, they're only $28.70!
Natural Druzy agate electroplated with titanium look other worldly mixed with rosegold.  Inspired by Phobos and Demos, Mar's small, irregular shaped moons, there are only 4 pairs left.  With 30% off, they're only $30.10.
The Stardust Necklace is made with raw conflict free chocolate diamond crystals set in epoxy resin and sterling silver.  The pendant is hand carved and can be worn either way as the other side has an almost faceted texture.  It's on 16 inches of dainty rosegoldfilled chain with a two inch extender chain.  There are only 3 left.  With 30% off, they're only $67.90.