Full Strawberry Moon June 2017 June 9, 2017 19:54

Happy Full Moon in Sagittarius!
The Native Americans called the June full moon the Strawberry Moon because it signaled the time to gather fruit.  This is so fitting because I have recently found the most amazing old mulberry tree in my neighborhood.  I have been stopping by during my runs and harvesting its fruit.  Today, I went there to graze but also to do a small photo shoot with the Botswana Agate one of a kind pieces I made for Gemini.  There is a wild strawberry patch right next to my favorite mullberry tree.  I ate a few strawberries during the photo shoot as well.
Here's what my favorite astrologers have to say about this Full Strawberry Moon.  
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Go eat some strawberries and enjoy the rest of this beautiful full moon!